Attiora Review – Getting Started With Attiora, All You Should know

I have known the Attoiora investment platform for some months now. While there are still misgivings around its profit-making, I have developed this review article to expose you to all the salient information you should know before dealing with the Australian company.

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The world of high return investment opportunities has seen the rise of various digital investment platforms since the last decade.

Particularly, the growth of digital assets has played a critical role necessitating the need to be familiar with certain platforms that give us (investors) the opportunity to diversify our portfolio beyond traditional assets, thereby making room for great returns.

An excellent example of these thriving investment platforms is Attiora.

Located & regulated in Australia, Attiora provides availability of trading for each of their registered investors with a systematic way to generate high profit without special exchange skills.

The digital platform uses its unique trading technologies to control the process of concluding transactions in automatic mode. It uses the technologies of Robotic trading, Spot trading (CRYPTO), Margin trading, ICO investments, Venture investments, and Shareholding.

Just as with many other investment platforms out there that quickly trigger reservations around its legitimacy and actual profiting making, Attiora, due to its novelty, has had its fair share of such a negative label.

Suppose you have been introduced to this platform. In that case, I encourage you to go through this article as I have constructively expressed my findings on the Attiora platforms based on personal reviews and experiences from real users across various credible review platforms.

To begin with, we must be on the same page about what the Attiora investment platform stands for.

attiora login, Attiora affiliate plans, types of investment

The basic idea behind the Attiora platform

The idea behind the Attiora investment platform is the availability of opportunities to those looking to diversify their assets across all types of stock exchange trading and cryptocurrency trading with the sole purpose of maximizing both the company's and investors' profit.

To support its money-making goal in the maximum possible amount, the company also indulges in any business areas of its commercial activities that can bring a high profit, such as investing in venture funds and supporting business angel funds.

In other words, Attiora is one of the popular platforms you can turn to for an all-in-one funds investment for high returns. But, as mentioned earlier, their investment involvement is limited to the following line of business:

  • Margin Trading
  • Crypto Trading
  • Stock Trading
  • ICO Investments
  • Venture capital Investments
  • Long-term Investments

The novelty of the company also shares a large part in its reputation. Becoming a full-fledged participant in trading processes in 2021, Attiora possesses the relevant registration documents from the Australian regulatory body, ASIC, which is available to validate its credibility.

The investment platform accounts for about three thousand trading instruments with varying volatility, half a dozen types of technologies for profit generation, and about two hundred top professionals and traders.

In simple terms, Attiora is an investment trading company that provides a wide range of opportunities for investment earnings developed to provide customers with technically unrestricted profits irrespective of the training and investment experience investors possess.

For starters, getting acquainted with the platform involves first registering and signing up for a personal account, making at least one investment among the six lines mentioned above of business, and then the opportunity to get and withdraw profit each day.

The sole purpose behind the platform is to maintain an increase in capitalization while growing investors' profit upon their deposited investment, thereby strengthening the partnership. The latter is done through other business investment areas like venture capitalism and its unique affiliate and compensation program.

With this understanding, what comes to mind next is the question around the factual background of the company, the authenticity of its website, and the validation of positive reviews about the platform that has been hovering over the internet and social media.

Attiora website and company background

Following the information present on Attiora's documents (as shown in the image below), the CEO of the company and the person responsible is Joseph Moravec.

He lives and resides in Sydney, Australia. But, the head of the company is his father, Zdeněk Moravec. This is by Zdeněk being the majority investor and manager of investment funds.

attiora legal documents, attiora ceo

It all started in 2018 when the exchange rates of the major cryptocurrencies experienced tremendous growth, spurring the idea of creating a company that will bring together smart digital asset investors. Josef Moravec was one of those who tapped into and explored the idea.

Later that year, Zdeněk Moravec, his father, who is the head of the Czech business angel fund, decided to support the creation of a fund for crypto trading with his son, staking about $10 million in the company for development.

Before the fall of 2020, the company accounted for a team of traders and other personnel as technical specialists, marketers, financiers, economists, and even analysts.

Roughly a year after, necessary paperwork and legal documentation on the company's work began, and Attiora was officially registered in Australia.

Currently, Attiora company is located at 821 Pacific Highway, Sydney, New South Wales, 2067, Australia, and operates based on transparency and compliance with the requirements of Australian government laws of all aspects of the business.

Attiora official website HERE

As you consider investing with the Australian company, it would be good to check out the company's registration documents and its position in the legal field of Australia HERE. It will help debunk any rumors you've heard before reading this extensive guide.

How does Attiora work? – Know everything

With the understanding that Attiora brings a wide range of investment opportunities to the doors of investors looking to expand their capital for more profits all rounds, they expect to have more than one different investment plan.

This is because Attiora offers eight different investment plans for its registered investors. These distinctive plans vary in terms of the amount required for minimum investment, the terms of investment, and volume of stake and returns.

When you successfully sign up on the Attiora platform (more on this shortly), you will be able to invest in any available plans and then do the necessary settings to expect returns in due time.

However, it should be noted that some Attiora investment plans credit the monetary winnings back to your Attiora balance every day, allowing for daily payment and cashouts, while some are characterized by a cumulative return at the end of the term.

P.Sthe winnings are credited to investors' Attiora balance every day, but precisely during business/working days of the week (only Monday to Friday).

For example, the image below shows the list of the investment plans offered by the Attiora investment company. Altcoin, CRYPTO, CRYPTO PLUS, ICO, MARGIN FOREX, MARGIN GLOBAL, VENTURE, SHAREHOLDER. Deposits and reimbursement of returns can go through various legal tender and cryptocurrencies, including BTC, USDT, USD, ETH, LTC, TRX, BCH, BNB, BUSD, USDC, and ADA.

P.S: Attiora do not receive deposits via SEPA or credit card 

attiora investment plans, attiora login page, how to sign up with attiora, attiora website

For example, the AltCoin Plan has been highlighted with a yellow color on the image, and details about the plan are outlined in the other box at the side of the list of plans. It is apparent that the AltCoin plan runs for 15 days, that is, three weeks.

It requires a minimum investment of 50 USD or 50 USDT to get the smallest package. Here, you receive a 1% to 1.4% daily return in the 15 days.

While in other business investment plans like MARGIN FOREX, you get to invest about $1,000 to $10,000 and record a 2.65% to 4.25% daily return for 60 days. Here, your original deposit is not included in the payout.

The way Attiora has been developing to work is a very transparent one, from the deposit to the point of payment of profit; the company received your invested funds and trade on stock trading and cryptocurrency trading, leveraging on the best technologies including reliable bots and trading experts, an analyst in maximizing the profit.

Payouts at Attiora are usually in the wallet within a very short time, at most, 24 hours, and are done only through cryptocurrencies – whichever currency you deposited with.

The systematic profit realization of the Attiora platform also extends its tentacles to the affiliate and compensation plan, which consist of ten different hierarchal levels/ranks upon which investors who refer people to use Attiora under their network are allowed amass a fortune through bonuses and commissions.

Meanwhile, each registered user immediately receives the possibility of additional active earnings by the Affiliate program.

How to get started with Attiora trading investment

The process involved in getting started with the Attiora trading investment platform is a straightforward one, and it all begins with signing up.

After registering, you will have access to your account, where you can link your preferred crypto wallet for payment of deposits and cashouts.

Afterward, you can proceed to invest in the preferred business plan following your due diligence.

But first, you have to register. This can be done online as long as you have an internet-accessible device and can assess the company's website. Follow these steps to register on Attiora:

Attiora Registration – Step-by-step process

Step 1: Log on to the Attiora official website

Note: the company does not have its mobile app available on the Google play store for download yet. It is best to stick to the use of its official website.

Step 2: Navigate to the bottom right of the page, where you can sign in or create a new account. You know where to click on it.

attiora login page, how to sign up with attiora, attiora website

Step 3:  This will lead you to a page where you need to input relevant information like your name, email (used for verification), Phone number, and then you create a password which you will confirm by inputting twice.

attiora login page, how to sign up with attiora, attiora website

Step 4: You will be asked to generate a financial password – a six digits PIN code used to process your financial transactions in your Attiora account. It should be one you can not easily forget since it is impossible to recover.

After inserting all the details, hit the “Create an account” button, and then you are on your way to making life-changing investments through Attiora.

Note that you must deposit money into the system before choosing an investment plan, just as you'd be prompted upon the creation of your new account.

Nevertheless, joining ATTIORA trading is free of charge, except if you want to be part of the investment opportunity where a minimum of $50 is required as a deposit.

Ways to make money using Attiora

The popular channel through which Attiora investors make their money is through the crypto trading services offered by the company, where they can generate returns on behalf of investors with increased profit.

As we have seen earlier, these crypto trading services are presented in different investment options and plans with different minimum deposit amounts, terms, and profit generation.

Attiora profit generation, attiora login, Attiora affiliate plans, types of investment

However, there is also the earning window of becoming an affiliate. You can start investing in the company and then recruit new affiliates who will invest upon which you will get your commissions and bonus. It is the Attiora MLM plan.

The affiliate program is one of the sensitive areas that many financial platform critics and analysts have concentrated on to check for its authenticity.

The network is based on rank and pays through a uni-level compensation plan across ten distinctive, hierarchical statuses.

In the affiliate program, investors are being paid a percentage on their downlines investments where most of them earn legit 4% daily return MLM.

In addition to that, there is also an earning opportunity in investing in the Attiora crypto token – ATRC token.

It was successfully created earlier this year and is available via only those crypto wallets that support the reception of tokens such as MetaMask and TrustWallet.

publication by the company confirming the creation of its token in the crypto market also disclosed the main steps that will help you buy an ATRC token before it appears in your accounts.

Attiora Affiliate program – Know everything.

On the Attiora platforms, active investors are also given opportunities to receive Leadership ranks that will yield bonuses for their activity. After registering a personal account, you will be provided with tools that allow you to build your partner structure.

These tools include partner lin, personal partner page, and presentation on your dashboard. Below are the leadership ranks of Attiora MLM plan, their turnover, and structure turnover.

attiora login, Attiora affiliate plans, types of investment

Note: For the partner level, there is no qualification needed. While for others, the qualification is as follows:

Leadership rankTurnoverStructure TurnoverBonuses
SR. PARTNER1,000 USD10,000 USD100 USD
MANAGER2,500 USD50,000 USD500 USD
AGENT5,000 USD250,000 USD2,500 USD
DIRECTOR25,000 USD1,000,000 USD10,000 USD
SILVER DIRECTOR50,000 USD2,500,000 USD25,000 USD
GOLD DIRECTOR75,000 USD5,000,000 USD50,000 USD
PLATINUM DIRECTOR100,000 USD10,000,000 USD75,000 USD
DIAMOND250,000 USD25,000,000 USD100,000 USD


What is Attiora Affiliate Referral Commissions?

As mentioned earlier, affiliates who recruit new investors into the program get paid by the company via referral commissions, and the amount differ across the various uni-level compensation plan as expressed below:

Partner: 5%-1 LEVEL, 2%-2 LEVEL, 1%-3 LEVEL, 1%-4 LEVEL

Senior Partner: 6%-1 LEVEL, 2%-2 LEVEL, 1%-3 LEVEL, 1%-4 LEVEL, 0.5%-5 LEVEL, 0.5%-6 LEVEL

Manager: 7%-1 LEVEL, 3%-2 LEVEL, 1%-3 LEVEL, 1%-4 LEVEL, 0.5%-5 LEVEL, 0.5%-6 LEVEL, 0.5%-7 LEVEL

Agent: 8%-1 LEVEL, 3%-2 LEVEL, 2%-3 LEVEL, 1%-4 LEVEL, 1%-5 LEVEL, 1%-6 LEVEL, 0.5%-7 LEVEL, 0.5%-8 LEVEL

REPRESENTATIVE: 8%-1 LEVEL, 4%-2 LEVEL, 2%-3 LEVEL, 1%-4 LEVEL, 1%-5 LEVEL, 1%-6 LEVEL, 1%-7 LEVEL, 0.5%-8 LEVEL, 0.5%-9 LEVEL, 0.5%-10 LEVEL

DIRECTOR: 9%-1 LEVEL, 4%-2 LEVEL, 3%-3 LEVEL, 1%-4 LEVEL, 1%-5 LEVEL, 1%-6 LEVEL, 1%-7 LEVEL, 0.5%-8 LEVEL, 0.5%-9 LEVEL, 0.5%-10 LEVEL, 0.5%-11 LEVEL, 0.5%-12 LEVEL

SILVER DIRECTOR: 10%-1 LEVEL, 5%-2 LEVEL, 3%-3 LEVEL, 2%-4 LEVEL, 1%-5 LEVEL, 1%-6 LEVEL, 1%-7 LEVEL, 1%-8 LEVEL, 0.5%-9 LEVEL, 0.5%-10 LEVEL, 0.5%-11 LEVEL, 0.5%-12 LEVEL, 0.5%-13 LEVEL

GOLD DIRECTOR: 10%-1 LEVEL, 6%-2 LEVEL, 4%-3 LEVEL, 3%-4 LEVEL, 2%-5 LEVEL, 1%-6 LEVEL, 1%-7 LEVEL, 1%-8 LEVEL, 1%-9 LEVEL, 1%-10 LEVEL, 0.5%-11 LEVEL, 0.5%-12 LEVEL, 0.5%-13 LEVEL, 0.5%-14 LEVEL

PLATINUM DIRECTOR: 11%-1 LEVEL, 6%-2 LEVEL, 4%-3 LEVEL, 3%-4 LEVEL, 3%-5 LEVEL, 2%-6 LEVEL, 2%-7 LEVEL, 1%-8 LEVEL, 1%-9 LEVEL, 1%-10 LEVEL,0.5%-11 LEVEL, 0.5%-12 LEVEL, 0.5%-13 LEVEL, 0.5%-14 LEVEL, 0.5%-15 LEVEL

DIAMOND: 12%-1 LEVEL, 7%-2 LEVEL, 5%-3 LEVEL, 3%-4 LEVEL, 3%-5 LEVEL, 2%-6 LEVEL, 2%-7 LEVEL, 1%-8 LEVEL, 1%-9 LEVEL, 1%-10 LEVEL, 1%-11 LEVEL, 1%-12 LEVEL, 0.5%-13 LEVEL, 0.5%-14 LEVEL, 0.5%-15 LEVEL, 0.5%-16 LEVEL

For you to move from one rank to another, your amount of active investments and the turnover of your partner structure must tally with the required amounts for such Leadership rank.

Attiora investment platform: Pros & Cons

Before shoving your hard-earned money into Attiora, you must know about the network's good and the bad side. Having used the platform for some while now, I can tell some advantages you enjoy as part of the company. They are as follows:


  1. Legality: Not only is Attiora certified by ASIC of Australia, but it has also undergone a Full registration procedure to establish a legal trading company of commercial activity.
  2. Customer support: They boast of unique customer support services in any situation that Attiora specialists can better solve. Even at any point in the registration or investment process, they have the right support.
  3. Reasonable transparency: The most significant events of trading sessions lie in the investment platform's transparency.

Aurora strives to be transparent not just by revealing the personality info of the brains behind the network but also by making financial processes available both in the form of reports and in Live mode.

  1. Leadership motive: Attiora is constantly looking to tap into other investment opportunities to broaden capitalization, thereby increasing the revenue of the company's customers.

Currently, they have a footprint in trading and crypto trading, Venture capital investments, Long-term investments, Strategic planning, and ICO investments.

  1. Full control of the operation in personal account
  2. Quick payout and unlimited amount


  1. The Attiora investment platform's disadvantage is that it doesn't accept perfect money, only via the crypto that was used for the deposit.
  2. Also, I have compared the minimum deposit & withdrawal rate of Attiora with another rival platform to arrive at the verdict that it is relatively high.
  3. While the company has a realistic support system to assist investors on their platform, Chat support isn't available 24/7
  4. With these few drawbacks, it is much safer than anyone attempting to invest with Attiora begins with the first or minimum plan only. After positive progress, you can be convinced to stake higher.

Is Attiora company Legit and Safe?

As an investment company, Attiora strives to be characterized by two pillars of trust which are the presence of a transparent team and maximum reliability. Suffice to say, they have been able to actualize this to prove their legit and safe for investors across the globe.

is attiora company legit., attiora registration certificate

From what we have observed so far, the company is what you can feel safe with. It is located & regulated in Australia. The Attiora website has received positive reviews and its SSL certificate is valid

Another fact that adds to its authenticity is that the company’s domain name has been registered for more than one year in advance.

The only still of concern is that the company certification is very young. But the novelty has always been a challenge to many investment companies. It has once been a challenge for the mighty mighty financial companies you see today.

While Attiora company is safe and legit, the offering of the company, some of which involves high-risk cryptocurrency services, is enough to bat an eyebrow.

Are attiora customer reviews trustworthy?

Customer reviews are important considerations to look at before making any transaction with any investment platform.

The team behind Attiora company understands this, and with the aim of improving trust and relationships with visitors, they upload reviews from investors who use the platform.

The real question is, are they trustworthy? Yes, they are. What makes me think so? Now, when you join Attiora, you will also have the opportunity to give a review of your investment experience after a period of time.

The reviews gathered from customers of Attiora are selected and provided on mainstream as a marketing pull to prove that the company is legit and involved real people.

Meanwhile, there are other online investment forums where companies like Attiora are reviewed such as Quora, Reddit etc.

Conclusion: My opinion

So far, we have touched on the basic idea behind Attiora, its website, and company background, how the investment platform works, how to get started, and other ways investors make money through Attiora.

We have also stressed salient details of the Attiora Affiliate referral plan, its benefits, and a few drawbacks.

The returns investors stand to realize from investing with the Attiora platform appear to be high, and these profits come from trading crypto and shares, investing in ICOs (launch of new coins), and long-term investments.

What makes the platform stick out from other similar companies is its level of transparency which is reasonable enough to clear all conceivable doubts about it being a scam or not.

It is also a good thing that they upload monthly reports from the past and even watches LIVE the tradings made. It gives investors confidence that they are here to stay and helps people increase their income by spreading their capital.

Despite this, the deposit required to operate with the platform remains associated with risk, just like other similar investment platforms.

Are you finding it challenging to navigate your way to becoming among the thousands of investors worldwide who are leveraging the Attiora platform to maximize their periodical earnings from digital assets?

Feel free to share in the comments.


Who is the owner of Attiora?

The CEO of the Attiora company is Joseph Moravec, but the head of the company is his father, Zdeněk Moravec since he has the majority investor and manager of investment funds. Joseph lives and resides in Sydney, Australia where the investment company is based in.

Attiora investment platform offers opportunities to those looking to diversify their assets across all types of stock exchange trading and cryptocurrency trading with the sole purpose of maximizing both the company's and investors' profit.

When was attiora launched?

Attiora investment company was established in the year 2018, during the period when cryptocurrency assets experienced tremendous growth.

In 2020, the company had gathered enough team of traders, technical specialists, marketers, financiers, economists, and even analysts.

About a year after, necessary paperwork and legal documentation on the company's work began, and Attiora was officially registered in Australia.

How old is Attiora?

Attiora started in 2018, and so, is currently running for about three years now.

It has grown to become one of the popular platforms you can turn to for an all-in-one funds investment for high returns. It engages in the business of Margin Trading, Crypto Trading, Stock Trading, ICO Investments, Venture capital Investments, and Long-term Investments.