With the rate at which new Cryptocurrency projects are coming up, it is becoming quite difficult to keep up with what is new. It is also difficult to distinguish scam projects from those that can be trusted. I, therefore, commend you for taking the time to read about ROYAL Q before choosing it. I hope that after reading this post you will be convinced by the legitimacy of ROYAL Q.


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What is ROYAL Q?

Although ROYAL Q has made a name for itself in the Crypto sphere, there are a few people who have still never heard of it. If you are one of those, here is an answer for you.

ROYAL Q is a robot/computer software that relies on trading signals to determine when to buy or sell a given Cryptocurrency pair.

It was created in China and is currently owned by a Chinese corporation.


  •  What it does

It automates cryptocurrency trading by conducting trades on your behalf at any time of day. It studies and interprets the market data then it analyzes it. The analysis entails calculating the potential risk involved and then placing the appropriate buy or sell orders.

Trading bots allow you to focus on other things instead of spending all your time in front of a screen studying candlesticks. Not only does it save your time, but money as well because a bot is less likely to make a rush, emotional financial choice.


  • Why is it legit?

ROYAL Q is as legitimate a project as they come. Once you understand how it operates, your confidence will increase. So first, things ROYAL Q is a tool that you pay for through the $100 annual price.
If you have ever interacted with trading bots, then you know that this price is fair. Many trade bots charge the same price for one month.

The bot does not collect or store your funds, it only informs you on when to sell or buy. You are fully in charge of your money, you store all of your funds on your Binance wallet. Therefore, there is no way for the Bot to rip you off.
There is no promise to take you to the moon. Your profit correlates to your investment and the market trends. That's how you know that something is legit when you have to exert yourself to rip the benefits.

• Advantages

  • It is simple to operate
  • Automation eliminates poor judgment
  • Full-time operation (24*7)
  • High transaction speed
  • Maximum trading profit
  • Credibility through association with trusted brands (Binance and Huobi)
  • You cannot lose your money to the bot

The bot is safe and practical for everyone as it only trades spot on Binance and it doesn't use leveraging. The general idea is to buy low and sell high, however, there are times when the coin falls in price and you are susceptible to the floating loss. Isn’t that the same thing that happens when you trade?




The Bot doesn’t have control over the market or your money, it just takes maximum advantage of the market trends.