You, what's up guys welcome back to my channel if you guys want to know how to use Royal Q on the go um? This is the video for you guys and jump start how to throw a queue, so requirements need to have a binance or hobby account, but i prefer binance, second, is that you need to know the in and outs how to use the crypto. I bet that when you want to search Royal Q, i think you already know how to use a crypto wallet and everything else. I don't have to explain that and third is familiar with the interfaces and needs, so it means that you've been playing around with other interfaces like cool coin uh like hobby, binance uh like uh, coinbase, remitano and everything else. You know so now.

You'Re gon na launch your Royal Q this. This is my account. I have a few coins here. I have five, i prefer matic other bttv chain and xrp, and you can see now is everything is negative, means that uh it's going down because prices are going down. You can see this by monitoring a chart in front of you just by testing which entry point you want to purchase how to register.

With this thing, whenever you upon registering, you will come across to an invitation code. It means that someone has to tell you so one thing: you have to keep in mind that roy q is not free in a way you have to purchase the bot, which is a hundred dollars per annum like per and one year, so think of it. Like investment wise, if you normally decrypt 200 – for you guys for one year, is considered uh for summer a lot. But for me it's a good investment, because you divide that into 12 months. You have to make use of this within one day i already made.

I got like 7.9 plus 2.5, so i already created like 11 in in one day. This is the day before and uh then, after that this one 7.9.

So this this amount i communicate is 10.5 dollars and just by playing around with it, you know at first, but when i get used to it, then i know where i can put my money in upon registering you come to this page and you see there is The gold vip bar at the top here, which is have to press here and uh. You can see me. I cannot press renew because i have another date you can see here. It'S already is going to end next year, 24th of june.

So i'm not. I already spent 100 on this one because previously, under other videos, they showed like the renewal or activation of the vote is 120. So 100 is a it's a still. It'S quite cheap in a way divided by 12.

And activation code – i don't know i tried using their their activation code.

It doesn't work, so i use an activation annual fee to pay hundred dollars. Then, for that, where do you want to go to put the hundred dollars in right? So, as you can see the assets here, the asset is where the few fee that during trading they take in some fees, but it's very very little like 00.03, whenever they make a make a trade. But i deposited earlier on was 10 just to test out and 120, so i hundred dollars to minus off the the bot to buy the board and then the thirty dollars extra is to to fund the guest fee and the transaction fee whenever they charge so weirdly.

They don't charge directly to my binance account they actually minus off within this deposit amount. Even though this thing can take up money from binance, they don't take up money. They just use the wallet inside for lq to deduct the transaction fee. So you have these regular patterns of like oh, you need to have a minimum of 10 to 20 dollars to have the transaction fee. If not, the bot will not execute, even despite the fact that you already spent 100 on the pod, but still there is a need of transaction fee, which is.

This is the deposit. When you press asset, you press deposit, it's like that. This is trc 20. They don't use erc2010 guard because jc20 is like one dollar erc20 is like, could take like a few dollars depending on their on the fluctuations of prices, so you can withdraw the money to your friends and everything else, so transfer and so on. So on.

So, let's go to the mind button bottom right button, which is mine. You go to api binding, which is one two three four number four and you have to press binance. So here is the section that you need to have the information which is the api key and the secret key and the verification code will be sent to your email. Then that is where you have to have a checklist here. I have read blah blah blah and bind so you have to bind the account with your binance.

So after pressing here they press spine, that's it, but if you don't like people, if you don't like, like you know, if, if you're scared that destroyed you take your money, you just press untie and then that's it. Mine'S already turned orange because already bind to it bound to the api of the binance, so yeah the information just now, which is api and secret key. You have to get it from your binance, so finance account. You go to the more section you can see here at the deposit, referral battle, margin, launch pad savings and liquid swap and more so you press more. So you go all the way down you can see.

There is api management on the bottom right as well. Press here and then you can create an api. So when you press create api, it will come out to this page, so you can name it as Royal Q or whatever you want. I put Royal Q. This is my api key and my secret key is, which is secret.

Lock, you cannot take, you cannot see, but make sure you tick. The box enable spot and margin trading. That'S it these two things enable reading and enable sport and margin training. One thing you need to know that you can see the top part below the yellow vip section is stated professional edition. So when you have to press that you have to answer some questions, this is the answer for you guys is bcb.

That'S it then press submit. Okay, that's that, then you go back here. You got your professional edition switched on. You go to quantitative, which is the bottom part here, i'm just going to press it along just for you guys to see this is home. This is quantitative and you will see a lot.

Coins will be listed after switching on the professional button. Okay, that's that guys, that's easy, and then after that, then you can type like xrp and from here. This is where i have to tell you something: what is the settings you have to do, which is the trading settings, which is the left bottom? Okay, before i'm pressing the left bottom button you can see, there is a first buy amount hundred dollars. A number of cover up, which is three and take profit, is 1.

earning, callback is 0.1 margin, call drop, is 3 and buy in callback is 0.5 all right. So, basically uh, and on top of that you can see the call margin trigger price is 0
66 and take profit trigger price is 0.69, so this bot is estimating that it will go to 0.

69 cents 0.6. Then it can trigger a profit. That is where you can see the fluctuation of percentage if the price goes up to 69 69 cents. At this rate of xrp, and then it would trigger the profit to above the 1.

, and it will give you the profit as how far the green candle goes. Let'S say, the green candle goes to one point: one percent into 1
2, they will give you 1.2. So let's show you guys the trade settings i'm using right now. This one is a very low risk of straight settings.

You can actually press to get a suggested strategy at the bottom here. The reason why i do this is because i want to have a lot of profit when it hits. You know. 100 is quite a lot of money for some, because it's expensive because you see the number of call margin did i say early on, which is three times hundred dollars times three, so you need to have three hundred dollars ready in your binance account. We should already buy into it right, you already bound to it.

So there's 300 is ready. So it's like a lot of money in malaysia. It'S like thousand two hundred ringgit, it's quite a lot, so you can see here. Numbers of call margin is three times which i said three times hundred i'm gon na show you guys the next slide. At least you can read this or you can hear me out so take profit.

Is one point one earning scoreboard, 0.1 buying callback. It'S the same thing, but one thing i want to highlight is the enable advanced settings. The first call, when it drops, is three percent. They would do a multiple buy in ratio to one.

I think it's like just buy one something you guys can explain to me below. I don't know, then second call will be 3.5, we'll make another order, and the third call will be four percent. It'Ll be another audio if it goes like three three, four five. Four percent, just like that, so yeah, it's quite like um, they will buy a hundred dollars hundreds on dollars.

So it's 200 guys just by going down that deep. So when it goes up uh they would just sell off. Just for you and the best part is uh. Once you buy an xrp, i assure you guys, uh. My xrp now is uh.

This is just for fun. Uh two nine two, four seven right you guys can see that i'm holding on the top left is two nine. Two four seven and ust is at two hundred dollars, which i spent on. So you can go to binance. You can go to wallets.

You can see here guys um. The xrp amount is 29247. It'S actually synchronizing very well to it. So yeah, two nine two, four seven. It doesn't disturb your coins as the best part and whatever amount that is fluctuating in the market.

Let'S say you were to buy a 0.5 and that thing goes up all the way up: right, you're making bank guys you're making a lot of money from 0
5, at the bottom, yesterday's price, all the way up to 69 cents. This today is 1628, almost to break seven cents. Imagine the bot is trying to make profit out of you trillion dollars free layering, just going up you're making bank guys just like that. So now we're in a bearish market, of course we're not seeing like how the other youtubers keep on saying.

Oh i'm making hundred dollars a day 20 a day. The problem is, if you're taking one percent out of that profit of hundred dollars, probably there's a possibility that that person is investing ten thousand dollars. If is forty thousand ring, which is really expensive, so uh for those people who, like me just wan na play out, i mean you need to see some profit of six dollars. Seven dollars a day is good enough. Uh because means that this bot works.

If it doesn't means that there's something wrong with your trading entry, which we i don't personally do that i normally pause the board like this. I press pause and sell off my xrp, and then i wait for the xrp price to go. That lowest point like i said, like the crash point, you buy that with this bot they will buy for you and on top of that it would trade for you that's way better than buying and without doing anything right, because your coins still will be the same Amount of coins the same time, the value of the coin will be increased because you bought at the crash and then the bot will trade for you. On top of that, which is nice, so you have two in one three one thing your coins are safe and the value of your coin will be increased because you know that's how you trade normally and then. The last thing is trade with the bot, because the board can actually make profit out of you without disturbing your coin awesome.

So i think i covered that uh quite nicely for you guys to understand. I hope you can play around with this and you can see. There'S a lot of things you can play around with, which is you can go to circle and press the top left here and then you can go to uh popular art list and then click the people here then sync strategy and that's it. You basically can sync the strategy of them, so there's a lot of things that you can look into. You can read on and everything else you know so yeah.

I really hope you guys enjoy this video. I hope that you can actually in and make money out of this. I really hope that also this video is informative for you guys, um. It'S quite brief. You can play you can.

I think you understand how to use it so yeah all the best for investment and to the moon, guys, peace,

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