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RoyalQ or Royal Q Robot is The World’s First 100% Crypto Quantitative Trading Bot! Based on AI.

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Is Royal Q Bot Legit? – Truth Finally Revealed!

Is Royal Q Legit?

We’ve seen different trends that have successfully influenced the patterns of crypto trading and revenue generation over the past few years. A.I. trading robots have been among those at the forefront of this development. Moved by the excessive promotion of Royal Q Trading Bot over the internet since its inception, I conducted deeper research on its legitimacy and actual profitability. This article will expose you to my findings. 

You’ve probably been introduced to the use of Royal Q cryptocurrencies trading robot (bot) by a colleague, campaign, or any referral channel. 

Suffice to assume; you must have read up some information about how users of Royal Q earn from the A.I. software, as well as some compelling testimonies from promoters online. 

Being the smart investor, you have made an extra leap ahead to know how truly profitable the Royal Q Trading app is. This reservation that you nurture before shelling out your investment on the network is what must have made you question the legitimacy of Royal Q. 

Well, you are not alone because many crypto-asset holders have also questioned the legitimacy of Royal Q, despite its existence ageing for years now. 

Being as curious as you are, I made deeper research on this A.I. software, how it works, whether or not people are making money from it (and how), and then ultimately, its legitimacy and profitability. 

In this article, I have expressed my findings without any atom of bias. Hence, if you are considering an investment in Royal Q, I encourage you to read till the end, so you don’t get half-baked information. 

To determine whether Royal Q is legit or not, we must know what we should look out for that justifies what a legit trading bot is. 

As you will eventually realize, Ponzi or scam bots go beyond having no traceable identity or “too-good-to-be-true” profit promises. 

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What makes a crypto trading bot legit?

Every newbie in the crypto market or experienced crypto trader must have heard about crypto trading Bots, and the basic things to look out for will point to whether they are legit or not. 

As you probably know, crypto trading bots are software developed to monitor and analyze cryptocurrency markets. They can buy and sell orders on the trader’s behalf, thereby generating and maximizing profits due to the absence of sentiment and preset strategies and algorithms. 

Royal Q shares the same definition as a crypto trading bot, but considering the hype around it, one can easily be in doubt about its legitimacy and profitability. 

After discussing with an expert and friend, James, a few weeks ago, I realized that there had been a misconception about crypto trading Bots, and such an idea towards Royal Q is no different. 

When listing Royal Q among the best crypto trading bots, it is important that we first know what we are looking out for that will justify it being safe and legit or otherwise. 

There are many crypto bots options out there, and for you to know that a crypto trading bot is legit, it has to tick the following boxes:

1. It has an open-source development process 

2. Has a support team (transparent) 

3. Practical Profit generation 

4. Has track records of security 

5. Run by a reliable company

6. Has reviews and testimonies from real users 

7. Intuitive interface and simple control settings.

8. Keeps you in control of your funds

9. It might not necessarily be free but has a secured and reasonable payment plan

10. Where it has referral opportunities, the bot should have a realistic earning pattern. 

Having established the factors that make a crypto trading bot considered legit and safe, I went ahead to place these required features side-by-side with the operations of the Royal Q Trading bot to see how it measures up in terms of legitimacy, reliability, and profitability as largely claimed. 

What is Royal Q, and how does it work?

As with every other crypto trading bot out there, the developers behind Royal Q trading robot has designed the software with cryptocurrency trading signals such that it can read and trade coins on Binance or Huobi exchange only (they are the world’s largest exchangers)

The computer-based program monitors the performance of the market on your behalf, even when we traders are fast asleep or attending to another important aspect of our lives, and then make a decision on the best time to trade to generate profit, without the interference of human.

The A.I. tool works in a way that it observes the market data, interprets and calculates the potential risk and volatility, and then buys/sells without you having to intervene in any of the processes.

The trading bot will first have to be integrated with a third-party platform where crypto assets are being traded, and it all starts with the user downloading the Royal Q app online then setting up an account with Royal Q. 

P.S.: Unlike many of its competitors, Royal Q is available for both desktop and mobile phone view

To work as designed, users will have to bind their Royal Q account with Binance using the API keys. All this is done after the software has been activated by paying the required fees, as we will see later.

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Is Royal Q Legit & profitable?

One of the salient considerations I kept close to the heart while analyzing Royal Q App was the aspect of Practical Profit generation as a requirement for any legit crypto trading robot, just as outlined earlier. 

We can not call a bot legit without checking how realistic the revenue projection from using the Royal Q Trading bot is, as advertised by many of its influences online. 

This begged how profitable Royal Q is compared to other competent bots out there and as per standards. 

By the way, you should know that not every crypto bot is profitable. In my years of crypto trading, I can effortlessly aver that there is always a reason to be sceptical about using bots and question their profitability. 

In the case of Royal Q, users earn money from the software as a form of trading profit since the A.I. tool trades on their behalf. And this margin of profit could be between 0.1% – 10% per day and 3% to 300% per month.

In a recent post where I reviewed the automated operation of the software, it was discovered they about 2% to 5% per day can be realized from the use of Royal Q on other market days, determined by the chosen algorithm of particular trade assets.

This is sure profitability when we consider the tool’s cost, which is about 50% lower than the average cost of similar bots available to traders. 

In addition to this, the profitability of Royal Q extends to referral networks, spanning beyond just trading activities. In other words, users get to earn commissions which translates to funds each time they refer the tool to someone. 

There is an opportunity, that is, a hierarchical structure, upon which referrals can increase their volume of commission which is exemplified in V levels as illustrated in the image below. 

Now, Royal Q legitimacy

Another significant area of Royal Q legitimacy that many people frequently ask about, aside from profitability, as explained above, is its legal standings and actual identity behind software company. 

Knowing these would enable users to connect to the functionality and legitimacy of using the tool to be rest assured that it is safe and worth investing in. 

Sadly, just as with many crypto bots out there, there is only little about the actual identity behind the software company that innovated company. 

This phenomenon might be to protect the image of the developers or ensure that the bot remains at the forefront of modern crypto trading development without individual interference. 

Nevertheless, it is easier to be Convicted that users have the right to know what they are, putting their money into and entrusting to make their trades. 

In a recent post where I deciphered, after rigorous research, the real owner of Royal Q Trading Bots and their legal standings, it was uncovered that the software as a company had been registered in California, USA, with a Business Address: 8605 Santa Monica BLVD #79525, West Hollywood, California 90069. 

Being a Chinese-owned company, it is Headquartered in Singapore with its founder Chih Kuang Ouyang. 

There are currently thousands of crypto asset holders across the globe who leverage Royal Q App from China to Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Italy, India, Ghana, Korea, Maldives, and even Bangladesh, among others. 

This is evident with a look at the software’s original website, which is being translated into English and Asian languages for heterogeneous users. 

According to the company, they have generated over one (1) billion USDT Revenue for users within a year.

This, to a very reasonable extent, clears pretty much the doubt that must have been around the idea that a royal Q might be a scheme to cart away investors’ funds like many incompetent crypto tech solutions have done in times past. 

Tracing Royal Q to its roots

With the information shared above, we can trace the advent of the Royal Quantitative trading robot to its root and the real idea behind its development and offering to crypto traders. 

The app works pretty much like other crypto bots but has been designed with a few unique features, an improved user interface, and a referral marketing plan to beat the current competing bots in the market. 

Established and introduced to many of its current operational countries last year, 2021, the app is generally instrumental for advanced cryptocurrency trading. Average review online that reflects Royal Q usage also speaks of high positivity about the software’s customer service, advanced security, affordability with referral bonuses, and advanced trading indicators.

With all we have seen so far, it is pretty clear that, of truth, users of Royal Q are making money from it and the earnings structure is entirely practical only that some users are exaggerating their profit-making more than others. 

Even with that, many are interested in Tracing the roots of the A.I. software, which will enable them to decern whether it is legit and safe.

As I have realized from my research, my friend’s truth is that Royal Q is legit and safe. 

What makes me so sure? Here are the things I investigated and nodded to:

  • API Binding with trusted I.P.
  • The bot never closes a sale on a loss
  • Instant disbursement of commissions (for its referral program) 
  • No withdrawal permission for Royal Q from Binance
  • No automatic coin selection

Should I trust Royal Q? 

It all boils down to the matter of trust. Can a new beginner trust Roy Q? How risky do affiliate marketers of the bot cause the tide online? 

Keep in mind that there is a guaranteed place for money-making in trading cryptocurrencies. But this is not always easy to achieve, and that is what crypto trading Bots are designed to tackle – making trading effortless without limiting the volume of your earnings. 

The reality that many people won’t tell you is that the trustworthiness involved in using Crypto robots like Royal Q largely lies in your prowess in trading and building your profitable strategy

Overall, Royal Q is not a scam, and you can trust it, even as a beginner. 

However, a critical point of consideration while trusting the bot is understanding how the application works. There is also a need to read vital review contents like this article before pushing your investment funds into it. 

It is not enough to trust the bot to carry out your trades, too. Those who have positive testimonies about using Royal Q have (or trained themselves to have) a better understanding of setting the robot to maximize the profit. 

I can’t pinpoint how much you can earn exactly from using Royal Q on profitability. 

But as mentioned earlier, you can expect to record anywhere between 10–30% profit every month as the performance of the market pretty much determines this. 

There’s zero chance of losing even a single dollar from using Royal Q, which makes it trustworthy, spot on! 

From my experience using the Royal Q Robot Trading app, I can effortlessly aver that the A.I. works well when the market is green or experiencing an unstable trajectory. 

On the contrary, the tool only accumulates coins when they go down in value, and of course, this happens when the market is bearish. 

What is the future of Royal Q Trading Bots? 

who is the owner of royal q, how to activate royal q robot, royal q review trustpilot, is royal q legit reddit, royal q trade setting, royal q nairaland, royal q alternative, royal q website,

Knowing the future of a crypto trading digital solution or its status in the coming years can also add flesh to how legit it is. 

For example, many schemes have surfaced as solutions for traders but did not see the light of the day after a few months of carting away investors’ hard-earned money. 

It is pretty hard for a newbie who is just hearing about Royal Q to tell what it will be like in the next ten to twenty years. 

Well, the developers behind Royal Quantitative Robot have not stopped improving the offerings of the software, some of which will begin to roll out in three to five years from the time of writing. 

This, along with other campaigns and partnerships run by the company, tells so much about its firm existence for a very long time. 

On the technical side of things, there are projections that the app will work with other exchange platforms apart from Binance and Huobi in the coming years. 

Looking at how Royal Q works, its MLM referral network seems to be a system that has come to stay because of the hierarchical order of users’ referral status, making it extensive, heterogeneous, and difficult to crash in worst-case scenarios.

Despite this, and as with every other tool, it is smart always to play yourself game-wise. That is, not putting all eggs in one basket. 

Any doubts about the use of Royal Q? 

A review on the legitimacy of Royal Q will not be complete without highlighting some of my observations that spiked the few reservations I have about the use of the Royal Q App. 

First and foremost, as for many who use the A.I. tool, you will agree that the profit displayed in the app does not reflect the actual profit that you can withdraw. 

Imagine that a particular coin you are holding plummets to 49 from 50, the robot will buy the coin, and even when it further slopes to 40, the bot will still buy it. 

Then, as the coin rises to 41, the bot will sell it out to record a profit of $1 reflected in the app. But in reality, there is an $8 loss in the one it bought when the coin was 49.

While this loss is concealed from the user, the bot will wait until the coin rises back to 50, selling the initial buy. Many users believe that the app guarantees near to zero loss. 

Apart from this technical aspect of how the bot work, another area of the app that can translate to doubt or misgivings is that using Royal Q, or any other crypto trading bot, does not eliminate the possibility of imperfection, and this is affirmed when we consider the chances of programming or algorithm errors, given that it is an A.I. software. 

In addition, despite how realistic and uncluttered the referral plan is, it might be difficult for a new user to start earning from that aspect, especially if he is determined to attain higher levels like V3 or V4. 

This is because, at that stage, you must have had an empire of the audience who are under your tutelage on the use of Royal Q to maximize profit. In other words, it’s not easy to break through with the Royal Q MLM marketing plan, as many erroneously believe it to be. 

Who should use Royal Q Bot? 

While certain requirements and factors come to play in becoming a successful trader, crypto bots like Royal Q have been designed with new beginners in mind, especially those still learning the ropes. 

Nevertheless, the app is not for everybody. Particularly, I won’t recommend this tool if you are not patient enough to amass a fortune in the process of gradual accumulation. Also, it is not advised to be used by those in pursuit of get-rich-quick trading solutions. (there are out there, but with great risk!). Else, one could get frustration even from the start. 

Bottom line, if you trade cryptocurrencies on Binance or Huobi exchange platform, if you usually record losses as a result of emotions while trading, if you’d like to see better results up to 98% win accuracy, and even if you know just a little about crypto trading but interested in making money from trading, then Royal Q crypto trading bot is ideal for you. 

 How to use Royal Q for beginners? 

Royal Q App has been made easy for even someone who piqued interest in crypto trading yesterday. The first step to using the to is to create an account with Royal Q and then activate it by paying the required fees. 

But this should be done after you have downloaded the app online, and it is available for both Andriod and IOS phone users alike. 

Afterwards, you log into your Binance account and connect your Royal Q app with your Binance API keys to start trading with the app. 

There is no registration fee for Royal Q Bot, but one will have to pay activation Gees which is as low as $120 for a full-year subscription and at least $20 for trading gas fees.

As you trade to make profits, gas fees will be collected from the $20. In other words, you will need at least $140 is enough to set up the robot for trading.

I have created a step-by-step guide on using the Royal Q crypto trading robot and even begin on the referral marketing network in a detailed guide HERE

In summary 

As we draw the curtain, the information shared from my findings so far points to two critical angles of reasoning:

First, Royal Q is no scam. It is legit, and real users worldwide are consistently raking in profit from trading with the help of this tool while others are exploring the monetary opportunities in the referral network plan. 

Secondly, there are bad testimonies about the A.I. software out there. Still, when critically analyzed, one can realize that these testimonies are coming from users who cannot learn profitable strategies while using and setting up the app. 

For this reason, I have created an online community where I have gathered Royal Q experts who are constantly sharing their experiences, hacks, and tips on using Royal Q to maximize profit in trading crypto assets. 

New users can also share any issues they face while setting up their Royal Q account or need clarification at any point in the procedures. 

To get started, click on the Sign-Up link here and fill out the form

Thanks for reading. 



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