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RoyalQ or Royal Q Robot is The World’s First 100% Crypto Quantitative Trading Bot! Based on AI.


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I’M super excited to be here tonight to talk about one of the new phases: um, the Royal Q trading bot. Now i know uh many of us have been in different platforms and you know we win in majority, but some we do lose. But what i’m? Starting to notice now is that many of these platforms now we’re moving into platforms where we have control of our money. You know we’re not just giving our money to a company, and you know hoping that they’re gon na pay us a percentage every single day.


We’Re we’re now able, to you, know, put our money in places where we have access to it. 24. 7, whether it be through you know, a broker or maybe a crypto exchange. You know whatever it is. We have access to our funds and we’re not relinquishing our crypto and hoping that this company is going to pay us.


You know two three, four percent a day we’re doing actual trading which can bring actual results, so i’m excited about it. For that reason you know it’s something that is very easy to offer to other people and i feel comfortable offering it because i know that you know whoever invests here. Their investment is safe, all right so um i’m to go ahead and jump in i’m going to talk about the Royal Q trading bot, i’m just going to go through a brief presentation. You know, i know that’s kind of the boring part a little bit. So i’m not going to take a lot of time and then i also want to get in and i’m going to share the phone.


My phone screen with you just so i can kind of give you a little bit of a walk through so that you can see how that uh, how the app actually works, because you can do everything from your phone, pretty pretty cool. So, let’s get into a screen, share real quickly, we’ll do a short presentation and then i’ll show you what it looks like on the phone all right, one sec, guys all right. So, let’s get up here to the top. All right RoyalQ welcome to the future. So uh we have a lot of people who have already enrolled and are actively trading, but i know some people have just signed up and they’re kind of waiting for that explanation.


So hopefully, this will answer a lot of your questions for you and help you make a decision to go ahead and get your account up and running all right now. What is Royal Q, uh, understanding, RoyalQ, quantitative trading Royal Q is a super intelligent application that executes automatic, intelligent trading, real-time monitoring and tracking of big data algorithms, while adjusting real-time market conditions and 24 7 real-time monitoring. Thus continuous income is guaranteed right. Basically, it is a bot that will trade for you, it’s going to take all of the thinking out all of the hard work out and it is going to trade on your behalf. All right safety Royal Q, never stores your funds.


This is key. Royal Q. Does not store your trading funds all right, you keep all of your investment in the binance or hiyobi exchange and RoyalQ is only allowed to execute the spot in margin trading through a secure api integration between the exchange and royal q platform. Now i know, we’ve had some other platforms that are you know in the investment group where we do the same thing. We basically go in our exchange.


We create our api keys and then we copy those api keys to the royal q app, and once you do that now, royal q has the ability to trade on your behalf, but they cannot withdraw any of your funds all right. The system uses artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically match quantitative trading strategies that are suitable for the current market situation, eliminating the problem of unprofessional judgments of quantitative trading users, trends and failure to match in time using corresponding strategies. Alright, so basically it takes the hard work out. It it does professional trading on your behalf, and you don’t have to do any thinking about what you should trade when you should buy when you should sell all right: artificial intelligence, algorithm, 24, 7, seamless and intelligent tracking, powerful data, analysis and processing capabilities and the ability To execute, execute corresponding operation strategies, it’s simple and easy: you get real-time strategies and it is very secure all right now the advantages of royal q quantification system, the royal q quantification system adopts a multi-strategy multi-technology fusion, intelligent quantification mechanism. Users only need to select the corresponding investment style and click a key to start, and they realize smart fool style, financial management.


The system will intelligently match the corresponding quantification strategy. According to the market situation, customers maximize their profits. So, basically, you can connect to different strategies that are available in the royal q app and it will adjust all a trade all trading based on the current uh market conditions, and you don’t need to know anything special to do this other than to go to be Able to go in the app choose, the strategy that you want, click it and then let the bot do the trading for you, so that is really really really cool there. All right! Now.


Here’S what i like even more about the royal q um opportunity right now. The royal q opportunity only cost you hundred dollars for an entire year to use um the software a hundred dollars a year. So that’s what less than it’s about eight nine nine bucks a month, eight bucks a month to use this software. You pay it one time and you don’t you don’t have to renew for an entire year. So i feel very good about offering that to someone, because someone someone doesn’t have to come out, you know a thousand dollars or they don’t have to pay a monthly subscription of you know whatever amount they pay a hundred dollars usdt.


You can do it on trc. 20

You know many of us are familiar with that through daisy and some of the other programs, and you make that one-time payment and now you’re active for the entire year. The only other um, the only other fee that you have when getting started. Is you pay about an additional 20 just for your what they call gas fees so when they execute trades on your behalf, it takes a little bit out of that. For you know, gas fees really cool.


It’S also available on the apple store and google play. So you can go in and download that app from you know either store it’s free, it doesn’t cost you anything to download it and once you download it, you can get in and you can enroll now. Also. I want you to see on here. It does say performance rate 20, so what does that mean?


So, of course, royal q is not in business. Just to you know, give away trading profits to their members. They are also here to make a profit as well. So anytime, you make a profit with your trading bot. You will pay 20 back to royalq.


Now you don’t have to pay it yourself. It comes automatically out through the system. So it’s not something that you have to worry about doing on your own um. They will automatically take the 20. You know from your profit only only from your profit.


If they don’t earn you any profit, they don’t take anything all right now where to start um, i’m actually going to cover this um and i’m gon na give it to you live on the phone, so i’m gon na skip this screen just for right now, i’ll, Actually show you how you can get started um and where you need to go all right now. There are different ranks here: um with uh royalq. Of course, if you want to just be a passive, you know, if you just want to passively use this platform, you can, and what i mean by that, is you don’t have to talk to anyone? You don’t have to refer anyone. You can just set up your bot, you can load your funds and you can trade as much as you want, and you know i know some people just they don’t want to bother other people.


They just want to do things on their own. Absolutely you can do that, but i know in the united investors group – and i know in my group as well – we have some people who like to make even more money, so they like to share things so for the people who um you know are the builders, The networkers, you know just the go-getters who you know want to 3x 5x and 10x, their their income. There is also a compensation plan here with royalq, and this is what really really stood out to me. You know i had a conversation with a gentleman that is in the you know in royalq already he’s over in africa, and let me tell you, the africa team over there is killing royalq right now. Um i got ta have a conversation with him.


Kind of you know. Did a video chat screen share. This guy showed me his back office and he was at v4, which is you know, the fourth rank, and this guy is making anywhere between about four to five thousand dollars a day per day. Now, if he had told me two or three hundred dollars a day, i would probably say: okay, okay, but when somebody can show me that they’re making four to five thousand dollars a day and they’re, not even at the top position, not even close to the top Position um, he had my full attention so now i’m going to kind of get into you know the ranks and what you need to do to actually earn, and it’s not very hard they’re going to have some people in in these groups that are going to blow Through these positions, i mean obliterate them because it does not take a lot of people um to hit these ranks. So the first level is what they call a v1 membership.


Everyone starts at a v1 membership. Basically, that’s just that you go in and you activate your bot uh and anyone that you refer. You know anyone that pays their hundred dollars and they refer through and they’re. They sign up through your link, you’re going to get 30 or 30 of that 100. So now you, you know you’re only gon na get that once a year right, um, but that’s just extra money that you can use for trading or you know whatever you want to do with it.


So thirty dollars for every person – and you can refer as many as you want now – you also earn a dividend. So let’s say you refer people and now you have a team. Let’S say you have a team of ten people every time those 10 people earn money trading. Remember the company is going to take 20 percent. You will also earn 20 of that 20.


The company gets um as just your trading or as your dividend, or just a bonus that you’re going to earn, so the company takes 20 from your team right 20 of their profit, you’re, also going to get 20 percent of that profit so 20 of 20. I hope that makes sense, so that’s just extra money. They make money. You make more money right now, once you get to the v2 membership, you must have three people that you sponsor and a total of 20 people in your entire group. Now you qualify qualify for the v2 membership.


Now you’re still going to be able to get your referral bonus, your 30 right. So any person you refer you’re gon na make thirty dollars you’re, also going to get now thirty percent of the twenty percent that the company gets, and then you also get ten dollars for any new person that enrolls in your network. So let’s say you have 20 people in your network. Let’S say: 25 30 people. Every time someone comes into your network you’re, going to earn ten dollars, you’re going to earn 30 for anyone that you refer and then you’re going to get 30 of the 20 that the company gets from the profits.


All right. People are gon na hit this their first day, no doubt v3. Now this is where it starts. To get a little interesting on the money side, you can really start making a lot of money. Now you need five people at the v3 membership to qualify.


Three of your five members must be at least a v2, so that means you need to help create some leaders now so five people right that you refer three of those people now have become a v2, which is what we just saw. They have they’ve sponsored three and they have 20 in their group, and now you need a total of 100 members. You will make 50 for each person that you refer so 50 and now you will get 40 of that 20 dividend. You know the the company gets 20 you’ll get forty percent of that, and you will get twenty dollars for each new active user that comes into the network. You don’t have to refer them, but anyone that comes into the network.


At that point, you will get twenty dollars every time now. Also, you get what they call a pairs reward, which says: team rewards five percent whenever, whenever there is an even distribution among the pairs, all right, so even more money on the table, there v3 is where i, i would say, you’re, probably making at least a thousand Dollars a day once you get to that level because you have a nice sizeable team, you have people joining every day, you’re bringing people in and you’re earning off of the trading profits all right now at the v4. This is where the gentleman was that i spoke with now. You have to sponsor at least eight people. Three of those people need to be at the v3 level and you need to have a total of at least 300 people on your team.


Now i know some companies, where you have to have thousands of people, tens of thousands of people to to earn. You know a decent income. You only need 300 people. I know some people right now in the group they have huge groups. 100.


People is all you need to qualify for the v4 level, now you’re going to get 60 off of each person. You refer now you’re, going to make 50 of that 20 profit that the company gets right, you’re going to receive 30 for any new person that comes into your network and you’re still going to get the same. Five percent for the paris reward all right. So more money on the table. V5, you need 12 people.


Three of those 12 need to become a v4 and you need to have 800 people in your group. Now when you get here, i i couldn’t imagine what the money is. Looking is looking like at that point, but i would imagine you’re going to be making a strong income you’re gon na make 65 a referral. 55 of that 20 profit is going to go to you from your entire network. Anybody in your network, that’s earning profit you’re, going to be earning 55 of that 20 that you paid the company 40 for each person that comes into your network.


You don’t have to bring them in 40 and then you also still get the 5 for the pairs reward. Now the top position is the vip6. You need 20 people, you need to enroll 20 directs. I know people will probably have 50 60. 70.


80. In some of these platforms, even more than that, i know i have a bunch in a couple: i’ve i’ve had over 200 and some you know so it’s not it’s not going to be as hard as we think it is for you to get 20 people, but You need 20

You need to help three of those. 20 people become a v5 and you need a total of fifteen hundred members. So, basically, with a minimum of fifteen hundred members, you can max out this comp plan. You’Re gon na earn seventy dollars for each person you bring in you’re gon na get a sixty percent dividend now, on that 20 profit that’s paid to the company and then you’re gon na get fifty dollars for any new active person that comes into your network.


You still get that five percent pairs reward and you’ll also even get a five percent global dividend, so they just keep piling the money on as you get there. So i know we’re going to have people that are going to hit. That is not that many people – you know i – i don’t see this taking very long for some of the leaders in the group. You know you’re going to have some people who don’t who don’t even believe that they can do it they’re gon na. Do it as well right so, yes, very, very impressive, um with the comp plan here, so i just kind of wanted to cover that and now i want to actually go in i’m going to stop just real quickly.


I want to actually go in now and i want to show you what it looks like from the phone. So you can actually see what the app looks like i’ll show you just real quickly what you need to do to enroll um and we’ll kind of go from there all right. So let me go ahead and share screen one more time. This time we’re gon na share the phone. I’M pretty sure i got a bunch of stuff going on in here, so let’s see go ahead and share all right cool, so we are in the royal q app here.


This is kind of what your home screen looks like and don’t be. Don’T be scared because you will see you see. These are open trades right now, they’re in the red right now, okay, don’t freak out! Why? Because they’re gon na go up and down right you just let the bot trust the bot, let it do what it’s going to do and i promise you you’re going to make money with this.


With this deal now um, i do not want to show uh. I do not want to show my referral link because i want you to get back with the person you know who who who you’ve been following or who you’ve enrolled with previously. Don’T want you to enroll with me um, so i don’t want to show my referral link, but i do want to show you um. If you see right here on the home screen for someone who is uh has already enrolled. They’Ve already got someone’s referral link, they’ve signed up and they’re now in the app to get started, you’re going to want to go to asset and you’re going to want to go to deposit so right here, all you can.


You can just send copy this address or, if you’re, maybe on a different device, you can scan it. You can scan the qr code and you’re going to send 120 to this address and if you notice it’s trc, 20 okay, trc 20, which means you can send it through your tron link. If you’re using binance, you can send it trc20 through binance atomic wallet. There’S a few different wallets that will allow you to do it but make sure you’re not sending it er erc20 through the ethereum blockchain. You want to send it through the tron and it’s less fees for you anyway, and it’s faster okay, so you’re just going to scan there you’re going to send 120 and that’s going to activate your account.


100 to activate 20 will be kept there just to cover your gas fees when you’re initiating trades all right. Now i want to show you something: that’s really cool. If you go back here at the bottom, you’ll see circle you go down. The circle here are a bunch of different groups that oops sorry, let me go back here are a bunch of groups that, as you can see, i’ve joined a bunch of different ones right. You can actually go in to these groups and you can choose their trading strategy.


All of these groups have their own different strategy that they trade with. Okay, so, let’s just say, for instance, avengers i’ll click it. The avengers group. You can see right here in the middle, it says, strategy for the avengers has made five thousand and fifty one percent, not five hundred five thousand over five thousand percent – has been generated with their strategy. So let’s just click on that 5 000.


You can actually see all of the different coins that they trade and what they have earned on each one of those coins all right and look at the bottom. You see where it says, cancel sync, i’m already synced to their strategy. So i’m using this strategy right now to trade and again will we always stay in the green? Absolutely not we know. Crypto is the most volatile market in the world.


So, yes, you will see red. You don’t want to panic right, there’s also a lot of discussions that you can see in these groups where they talk about different things, different strategies, um, you can actually uh join their the circle chat. You see up here at the top left right under the avengers. There’S a circle chat, so you can go in there and chat and talk and different things. I also follow uh one of the um whatsapp groups from over in africa.


They have a lot of guys. Who’Ve been in this deal 90 days already, so they have a lot of different strategies that work. So you want to plug yourself into the different avenues where you can just get strategies from people where it’s already working, but you know all of these different groups. You see in here you can go to crypto bull crypto. Bull has done over 3 600 right.


Look. You can see them here. Talking about you know, different things with bitcoin and different support and resistance, just all kinds of different tips and things that you can go in there and learn about right. So this is what i recommend. You know: i’m not a financial advisor, but what i’m doing?


I’M just going to tell you what i’m doing i’m following strategies that already work. You know you’re going to have some people that are going to want to go in and they’re going to want to pick their own coins and you can you can pick whatever coin. You want and just let the bot trade it for you, but you know i’d rather follow some people who already know what they’re doing and they’re making you know making money already. So i’m following strategies that are already working all right. So yes, so just a quick look there um, you can also go in and you can see your team.


So you can see how your team is growing. You can see how many referrals you have. You can see the profits you’ve made, how many people are active. How many aren’t active you can see all of that stuff right there from the app. So i think the app is really cool really really laid out nicely.


It gives you a lot of information just about everything that’s going on within your business, so uh! Yes, definitely you can see there. That’S my strategy, i’m trading right now, 150 dollars per trade right. You will see people, you know a lot of videos where they start with ten dollars. You don’t have to have some large crazy amount of money to trade.


You can start trading literally with ten dollars, so don’t think that you need a whole lot of money now. I do want to talk, as you can see up at the top um, it’s selected finance, which means i’m using the binance exchange. Now i’ve been i’m very familiar with binance. I use binance for a lot of different things. I have tons of different finance accounts um, but always remember when you are in your binance account.


You want to make sure that you are using your vpn if you are in the us every single time and i recommend doing it from the computer, not your phone. I use mine from the phone as well, but some people say that you know they have issues using their phone, but you can use binance on your phone with your vpn as well um, but just make sure that you’re using that vpn every single time. Because we, you know, the international version of binance is not available to us residents, so just you know be smart there when using that now the other the yobe exchange it uh is also available to you as well, because i was using binance, i stuck with using Binance all right so just wanted to kind of give you just a brief. Just a quick. You know shout out there when you are on the market, guys make sure that if you type it in and i’m on the apple store, of course you know we don’t do.


Android apple is the best, so you got to keep apple you’ll just type in royalq and you’ll see that pretty little blue emblem with the yellow background and you’ll just download it right there, it’s that simple and you are ready to go all right. So let me go ahead and stop the screen share. I don’t want to make this any longer. I know people you can only keep.


You know someone’s attention for so long, so um, that’s a quick run through of the royal q um app again, i i love it. I love the trading, but i love the fact that i can keep my money in my own exchange. I don’t have to give it to royalq. They don’t touch my income, i mean my funds, so you know, i think, that’s where majority of these platforms are moving, it’s going to be safer for you in the long run, and you never have to worry about a company running off with your crypto. All right guys, i think that is about it um.


I hope i did. You know a great job there, explaining what the royalq bot does, how it works is not very hard um. It does take a little bit of time to get it set up. You know, don’t don’t get yourself frustrated if you don’t get it right off hand. You know just ask in the group: you know: there’s a lot of community around that can assist you that can help you that can answer some questions for you and there’s a lot of content everywhere.


There’S content all online that you can. You know research to get. You know, help with uh getting set up. So you



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