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RoyalQ or Royal Q Robot is The World’s First 100% Crypto Quantitative Trading Bot! Based on AI.


96 percent, so this is very important to understand: okay, guys we’re gon na land. On this page and two things i wan na emphasize two very key important things which you should understand. The reason for floating losses is average position price resource current price. Now these two prices are the reasons for floating losses. Now the average position price is the price at which i initiated this trade.


When i went into into the market it means during that time one ftt was sold at 52.37, that is in us dollars, okay, but currently right now, one ftt is sold at 41.31, that is in usd okay, so you can see that my asset has lost value And because it has lost value the robot, what it can do right now is just to buy subpositions again. If we are using the strategy mode, soft bit mode, read time settlement, the robot will still be performing. Activities like buying and selling bottom top wins.


Once your robot hits more than five marginal costs, it starts selling the fifth call and depending the direction of the market it may buy the fit call again or it may uh wait to close the entire warehouse mode. Uh position. I hope you understand what i’m trying to say, so these two prices is a reason for our floating losses. So for us to come out of floating loss, it means that the current price must come close closer to the average position price or way beyond that. For the robot to sell to close the entire position and release a profit now, if you don’t want to wait for the market to appreciate to the position at which you bought this coin, which you initiated this coin now, if you don’t have that patience, then there Are things you can do like to extend marginal course or to do manual replenishment?


That is what i’m going to be showing you. So that is how i plan to move this: a minus 75 percent floating loss right down to 0.90 to take profit release. My investment release this money and also take profit so guys it means for me to drastically reduce this negative percentage drop and then close, the trades in profit take my investment plus profit out. It means i want to do two things: okay, that is, if i am not patient enough to wait for markets to appreciate to the average position price to where i initiated the trades in the first place, i will have to do two things and those two activities Are called manual replenishment, which will be doing a one-time, buy or number two activity is called extending marginal cost extended marginal cost.


It means adding to these sub positions for robots to keep buying as the market keep going down. Okay, remember if we are also under a strategy mode read time settlement. This is uh important because the robot is going to be buying and selling bottom top, so it means, even while we are on a floating, we are still making profit okay until when it hits the fourth car which, from that position, it cannot sell bottom top anymore. You just have to wait to close the entire position, which is the warehouse mode. Okay, so i hope you understand these things again to access this page.


We, when you are using the mobile version, you will have to click on the coin and then bottom left. You have to click on trade settings you’ll get right on here, so i just want to show you my first other amount of first bite in a month for this coin was fifty dollars and i am doing marginal collimate 14.

I am not going to go into so much details here, so you can see when i said that i extended the fit marginal call. You can see the date right here. You can see the activity so uh.


It bought four more positions for two hundred dollars because if my first buy in is fifty dollars so right now we have a total turnover of two hundred dollars, so it means it bought four more positions, okay, so that is why you could see it. Uh drastically reduce that floating loss of 75 percent right now up to below to 21. So you can see that we just 200 dollars. I added into the trade it reduced, this floating loss to more than 50. So now we are getting closer to our average position.


Price, because our goal is just one thing – our goal is to bring this current price much more closer or beyond. The average position price for the robots to trigger is sell and then release our funds plus profit. Okay, so i hope you got that correctly to extend marginal cost. Like you know, this trade was still at four calls before i extended the fifth marginal call during that time, my floating loss, like i said, was at a minus 75 percent. So what i had to do is i had to drastically reduce the percentage or increase the percentage of the fifth call.


So what i mean by that is, i am going to be heading to my margin: configuration okay, so for your mobile phone you’re gon na. Have it as margin configuration for the pc, it’s gon na be transaction settings when i click on transaction settings. It brings us this page where i’m gon na see my marginal configuration right here. So i just want to take you to the fifth call. Okay, the fifth call is of interest to us, so you can see the fifth first call.


Second call that call and foot call now, because this uh trade or this coin went down to minus 75 percent and for me to extend the fifth call or for me to enable it to buy the fifth call. I had to increase my margin percentage to like 47 percent okay, and i gave the robot money to buy four more positions. If you remember my initial first buy in amount fifty dollars, so i gave the robot two hundred dollars to buy four positions at this percentage. Drop so bringing it down drastically to 21 okay, so i hope you understand what is going on, so it is the same thing now, depending the direction of the market. If it doesn’t sell this fit fit position because we are on the uh sub bin mode.


Real-Time settlement, it means if the market is appreciate continue to appreciate on this coin. Like we see right here, what is going to happen is that it is going to close this feed position and then take profit. 1.
1, whatever i have, as my take profit percentage and depending the direction of the market, it is either going to buy the fifth position again or wait to close the entire position, which would be the warehouse mode okay. So what am i saying is if the market doesn’t appreciate?


What is gon na happen is that it’s going to trigger the sixth position so right now, if i have uh much more usd, what i can do is instead for me to say when it drops at two point: four percent: it should buy one time, one time It means fifty dollars. What i can do here is. It should buy four more times. Okay, four more times we mean two hundred another two hundred dollars. Remember, if i add another 200 on the sixth call, it is going to again bring these 21 more than 50.


Again so then, then i will be left with like a floating loss of 10. I hope you get what i’m trying to say now now. This is how we extend marginal cost, as we do so we are reducing drastically reducing the percentage decrease. Okay, the percentage floating loss in that sense, as we continue to do this, we are doing one thing: we are bringing the current price much more closer to the average price, because that is our goal, guys for the current price to come much more closer to the Average price so that the robot can trigger a sell and then release our funds plus profit. Okay, so that is for marginal cost.


Now you can keep extending it keep playing with these numbers and the number of times you should buy again. You should have some spare usbt to perform this okay now the second method will be to do one manual replenishment. Okay, so when you are good with this thing, i’m just going to say: okay, i just want to confirm again remember once your robot buys the fit position. You also have to uh decide on their uh distributed and take profit. Okay for the pc version.


Percentage of split to profit, okay, so that’s what i have it here. So it means that this being the fifth position right here, this being the fifth position, it means my take. Profit is gon na be 1.1, so it means for this position of 200 dollars. I’M just gon na highlight that it means for this position of two hundred dollars.


If the market appreciate uh upwards, the robot is gon na close this position and then it’s gon na take a profit of 1.1 okay. So you also have to decide on these distributed and take profit percentage so guys once you are good with this thing. You just want to confirm right here, so we have successfully extended marginal cost as said successfully, so that is the first way to bring the average price much more closer or the current price, much more closer to the average price, so the robot can trigger a sale. So guys that is practically the easiest and the safest way to reduce your floating losses, to bring the current price much more closer to the average position price so for the robots to trigger a cell activity by extending marginal cost.


Okay, the second method is to do a one-time manual replenishment, which i don’t so much recommend, especially for new beginners. Now what this does is we’re going to be clicking on buy once i click on buy right here. It’S going to pop us this window right here now, if you have been trading on binance or other exchanges now here, we would be doing things like a market order or a limit order now to put much more money into the trade. So what this does? Is it also drastically brings the floating losses to a positive percentage, but there is a danger.


There is risk for doing this because you are just adding much more funds into the trade now if the market doesn’t appreciate to your favor, what is going to happen is this money that you have piled on this trade? It is going to be stopped. Okay, so that is why i prefer, for you to safely come out of floating losses, extending marginal cost, it’s much more safer and better than just doing this one time by putting in much more money into the trade. But i’m gon na show you how this also works. Okay, so the same thing like i have explained, i’m also going to show you here for you to see okay, so we have our position amount.


Okay, so that is my money into the trade average position price. We should take note of this. It is the same as estimated average position price. Okay is the same thing. So another thing you should note is number of positions.


It means i’m holding 6.65 uh ftt okay. Now this is the current price, which is 41.36. When we go to market right here, you can see 41
36, okay, so that is the same thing, so it means now right now, as i’m talking, this is their current price.


Okay, now this is a rate of return. It means i am at a minus 21 okay. So what we want to do right here is this. Okay, we want this current price to come much more closer to the estimated average position price. I’M just going to delete this thing, so you can have a clear view.


We want this average price right here. I’M gon na circle these we want this average at this current price to come much more closer to this estimated average position price. I’M also going to circle this one. So, for this surprise, to come much more closer or beyond for the robot to trigger a sell activity. Okay, now to do this, there are two things we want to do.


We want to either decide on to do it for the market price. Just think of when you are trading on binance, both wallet and you have to decide between uh limit and market order. Okay, so when we choose market, it means that the robot should buy for this current market price. Okay, so that’s just the sense behind it. If we don’t want it to buy at this current market price, we can decide on a certain price, so that would be uh.


It means we are doing limit okay. So what if i had like 500, that i really want to do some crazy uh manual replenishment on this coin? Knowing that i am at a minus 21 now i have 500 usd dollars sitting either in my wallet. Okay, now i want to come out of these floating laws now to release my capital and also take 1.1 uh profit percentage return.


So what am i supposed to do? I can decide to put these 500 into the trade i’m gon na type it right here and, as i do, you’re gon na see what is going to happen between these two prices, which i circled. Okay, so i’m just gon na enter 500 dollars. Okay, now see what happens? Okay now, could you see what just happened now our estimated holding profit and loss is now right down to minus eight percent okay, so that is like reducing 50 percent.


Okay, now before we we add a 21 and then we added 500. It reduced by more than 50, and now we are left with a floating loss of minus eight percent. So did you also notice two things: the current price? 41.37 now the average price 45.


8. So it means that these surprises are coming much more closer right. So that is why we get to a position where our robot can decide to trigger a cell. Okay. What if i had five thousand i’m not saying you should do this!


Okay, because some of you might not even have this money, okay, so that is where patient should come in. But if you have this money, i have seen people who do these on daily basis. Okay, me too, i do them. So if i had five thousand – and i just want to put it into this trade – see what is going to happen, i’m gon na add one more zero now see what just happened. Okay, now my current price 41.


9, it came closer to my average position price. Do you see that 41
9, okay, so these two prices have come much more closer now: okay and our floating loss of 20 minus 20 is now reduced down to minus one point: thirty, seven percent! Look at that! Guys! Isn’T this awesome?


So we can just confirm this thing right here and then we leave it for the market, okay, now being at a minus one percent for sure this market. If the market rapidly appreciate on you just like we are seeing the activity right here, it means that your robot is gon na decide at a certain point once this number tends to a positive to close the trade release, your investment plus profit. Okay. So i am looking at doing the same things i am showing you on this video and i am going to be closing this trade within a day or two and uh, probably i’m gon na be sharing with you. My result on that, if you are on my mentorship forum, like telegram or whatsapp, i’m gon na share a screenshot of how successfully these worked out.


For me, another thing i’m going to share with you is these: there are times where you can make some tiny little sacrifices. What do i mean by tiny little sacrifices? Well, it just simply means that, because you have your take profit at the 1.1 percent now it doesn’t mean that you have to wait for these uh for the market uh to hit 1.1 for you to take profit.


There are times where, if you see these things green because you are eager taking your money out, if you see it at a zero point, zero point six: why not decide to close the trade? You can click close and close a trade release, your money, because you are at a positive, so you will be not you’ll not be losing anything. There are people who also close the trade at 0.40 0.20 whatsoever, but if you are patient enough leave it to hit your take profit and your money will be released to you so guys, i’m gon na wrap up this video.


This is my advice to you. What you should note, what you should be doing number one trait little implement a good wallet management. 2080. It means 20 of your funds should be for facebook in amount. Why you reserve 80 percent of it when the market goes down.


It is better for the robot to buy the deep and then once market appreciate it take profit for you, huge profit. So number two is trade fewer coin pairs, so i recommend not more than 20 coins. Okay. The reason for this is, if the market crashes, you will be faced with a lot of coins to do manual replenishment and to start thinking of how am i gon na come out of these floaties, but if someone who is doing five coins or ten coins is Only going to be faced with a fewer coins to trade number three widely extend marginal cost up to 45 percent market tips. Okay, this is very important because our current market situations have proved us wrong.


Uh. Those of us we who used to go in with just a 20 uh market drop. It has really proved us wrong, and now we are out of the market, so it means a robot can only wait for market to appreciate to the position where we initiated those trade. But if you have it to right deep to 45, you will still stay in market number. Four preserve usdt to buy the dips.


This is very important. I already mentioned that here somewhere here, number five use sync or copy trade for beginners. I recommend copy trade copy. This appro trader for at least two weeks to a month before you decide if you wan na, do manual, you wan na, do hybrid a fifty percent manual or fifty percent copy trade number six. If you can do hybrid, mostly one shot.


What i mean by this is, if you have a thousand dollars, you can split it and do five hundred dollars copy trade and then five hundred dollars manual trade again. This is for those with a little knowledge about how to do mana trading. If you don’t, then just 100 do copy trade, but if you can do hybrid, then you should also 50 do one shot for one shot. I always share coins, uh, trendy coins and sometimes even settings for you. If you are on my mentorship forum and stuffs, like that, the good thing with one shot is that every time the robot sells it releases all your funds.


You are not stuck in a particular coin for a long time. Okay, number: seven one very important thing before i leave you on wreck days. It means on very bad market days. Take your eyes off the market. Now go to the kitchen, have mom and dad your mom can be your wife can be whoever dear to you, go to the kitchen, help them to do the dishes clean the sofas.


That is what i normally do until next time. I will be seeing you around soon, don’t forget to subscribe turn that bell notification on. If you like this video, please leave me a thumbs up share it with your team, so everyone should know how to treat their floating losses correctly. I will be seeing you around soon



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