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RoyalQ or Royal Q Robot is The World’s First 100% Crypto Quantitative Trading Bot! Based on AI.

Royal Q Honest Review

13 now this is the good thing about royal q and using sub bin real-time strategy mode. We are able to make money, even though bitcoin is dumping like crazy. Okay, now the trick here, is to pick something real-time strategy, two is to have enough funds.


Okay, when you join a circle uh, this is called a circle. You can join whatever circle. You know. I always advise you to find this top-performing circle with the highest profit or return rate, for example, this one I’m using ai bot, I’m not affiliated with them. They will tell you guys you can go to their essence.


They always tell you how many coins you should play with the money that you have. Okay, let’s say my capital is one thousand. It tells you to play with just three coins: do not be naughty because people are very naughty, they say uh. Okay, I have one thousand. I think three-coin is too little.


I want to make more money. Let me put 10 coins, guess what you blew up? Everything because you don’t follow the rules, you break the rules, man, you only have one thousand dollars, but why do you play 10 coins? It’S obviously people tell you to pay just three coins, but you go ahead and pay 10 coins. That’S your fault!


When your coins are not making money. Okay, you need to follow the rules, because when the coins go down, the bot needs the funds to buy them. If you buy more coins than you can cover, when the market goes down, the bot cannot perform the buy because you already exhausted the money on other coins. Okay, so follow the rules and follow the fund’s allocation. If it says 1 000 for three coins do that you know it’s better to be safe, you can be like it says.


One thousand three coin: maybe you can play with two coins if you want to be even safer, if you are a very conservative person and once you have been using Royal Qfor a month or two and you already know how it works, maybe you can be More aggressive, maybe one thousand dollar you can play with four coins or five coins once you understand how everything works, and i have plenty of video on my youtube channel, so you can go to my playlist here and you will see. I made videos from episode 1 since i encountered this bot and i show you how to sign up and also i show you how to deposit your money. If you want to learn how you can go watch this video, i have plenty of videos, tutorials step by step, showing you what i learned my mistake: the tips and tricks that i found to make more money or make profit. Now, that’s just my honest review. Okay, guys and i’m putting my money in here, so i’m not like putting 100 and then hey guys.


Look at this my review. No, i’m really putting a lot of my money here because i believe in it and because you know it just makes sense again. Our funds are on finance, it’s so much safer. I think it is more chance that traditional banking going bankrupt than binance by then so huge, it’s not going anywhere. So, as you can see the proof right here, even though the market are very very berries just like this, i’m still making consistent profit every day and you might be wondering eddie.


This is just the profit at the bottom. You are right. These are just the profit here. If you want to make the true net profit, you got ta, wait the market to return to your average price, okay, which will take probably a few weeks or a few months, because this is a long term investment guys if you play anything like index fund smp 500 guess what it’s going to take you many many years right. If you want to make money in a few days, go play lottery.


Man go las vegas blow your money. There don’t play this kind of investment. It will take time if you want to get rich. Quick go play, lottery, okay, go buy yourself, 40 or go to las vegas play jackpot or something right. This is a real investment and trading.


So you got to be patient. If you really want to make good money in here – and this is spot trading by the way, this is not future, we are not getting liquidated. Definitely a lot more benefit if you compare with like traditional stocks and if you are interested in getting Royal Q guys if you haven’t joined, you can use my invitation code now. Why use my invitation code? Because i’m going to show you trainings how i make money on youtube, okay and how you can make passive income as well.


You know the reason why i’m able to put money in here, because i make the income by doing online business. Okay. So if you use my invitation code guys, if you support my channel i’m going to help you make money online, i will give you a free training course now. This training course personally has helped me generate that money. Now, i’m going to show you two ways how you can make over 1 000 a month, passive income.


I will teach you okay. I have youtube course teach you how you can make at least 1 000 a month, as you can see right here. I’Ve been making 800 a month – 900, 900, 900, 800 a month 900 a month, and also you can see here on amazon, i made 1 000 last year, promoting amazon products, and also here i have dg store 24

I will teach you how you can make 500 a month 600, a month, passive income. This is outside of Royal Q, so i’m able to make full-time income online by making simple youtube video. I will show you one of my videos here, so this is one of my videos, guys you can see.


I’Ve made one thousand dollar just for one video, okay, you can see right here. This video has generated passive income all the way to one thousand dollar. Just one video imagine if you have hundred okay, imagine you have hundred now. If you use my invitation code to join Royal Q, i’m going to give you this course for free, i’m going to teach you my secret, how i’m able to build multiple youtube channel and also how you can make money promoting affiliate products like products on amazon products. On digi store, 24 and many other network so use the link down below guys.


You can also ask me question inside royal, kill application just check me in there. I will give you instant access once you activate the bot and you will get access to my youtube fast track program, teaching you how to make money on youtube, okay and make passive income online. This could be trade as site income, and once you make this passive income, you can start growing your portfolio, okay, growing your investment value and that’s it for today’s guys. Hopefully, this royal q 60 day review has helped you again. This is my honest review.


I don’t hide anything. I show you all the proof and i put my real money in there: okay, i’m not putting little money and pretending like. Ah, look at my review no a lot of money in there and i’m really believe in cryptocurrency, because the blockchain technology is gon na replace web 2.0 and we’re gon na go to web 3.0 and a lot of things definitely going to change because it’s a decentralized Finance baby anyway guys for this video.


In the meantime, you can watch this one. I will see you on the next video


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