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RoyalQ or Royal Q Robot is The World’s First 100% Crypto Quantitative Trading Bot! Based on AI.

Royal Q Reviews

Royal Q Reviews

Royal Q Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features

Over the years, different business models have combined cryptocurrency and MLM. But it is unfortunate that most of them are not very reliable or turned out to be outright scams.

Royal Q is now one of the most popular and newest bot services that have adopted the Crypto-MLM business model, and in this article, we will give our honest review of the Royal Q Bot system. So without any further ado, let’s begin.

A Quick Overview of our Royal Q Review

Royal Q is a robot programmed to analyze and make trading decisions on behalf of the user. It’s one of the most popular and cost-efficient bot services for crypto trading.

Royal Q has different attractive advantages you’ll get to know as you keep reading this article. Now let’s give a proper breakdown of what Royal Q is.

What is Royal Q?

Royal Q stands for Royal Quantitative. It’s an artificial intelligence that a Chinese company developed in 2021. It was designed to help users automate the process of trading.

One of the human trading vulnerabilities is that it is very difficult for humans to stay up all day tracking crypto charts. This weakness sometimes causes traders to make uncalculated trading decisions, such as buying at impulse.

So, Royal Q is a solution to this vulnerability. The basic essence of this software is to help you monitor crypto charts round the clock and buy a crypto asset for you when the price is down and sell it when it goes up.

But the platform does not guarantee a 100% profit, as there are also chances of losing. So it’s important to advise traders and investors to conduct their own basic research to know which crypto asset to trade and not leave everything to the robot.

Key Features and Takeaways of Royal Q

The Royal Q Bot has many features covering different crypto trading system functions.

These features include:

  • It is a more cost-effective assistant to exchange and trade crypto than human experts.
  • The Bot can easily calculate and interpret market risks and statistics and risks and make a good decision with the data collected.
  • With simple instructions from the user, the trading bot can easily carry out trade transactions.

What is the Difference Between Royal Q and EazyBot? (put in a table)

Royal Q vs EazyBot – Which is the Best Crypto Robot in 2022?

Both Royal Q and EazyBot are available globally. Royal Q and EazyBot are cryptocurrency robot platforms designed to run specific tasks with minimal human intervention in this case buying, selling, and trading these currencies.

Royal Q is the world’s largest crypto robot by volume, users and popularity. Royal Q is a solid platform for active crypto traders and beginners alike, especially with its copy trade feature, ease of use, fee structure, security, unique features, and automation.

Royal Q is available in the U.S and Binance users in the United States can bind the bot using Binance U.S which is in 46 states – unfortunately, Binance US is not yet supported in New York, Hawaii, Texas and Vermont as at the time of writing this.

Here are some differences between Royal Q and EazyBot:

Royal Q EazyBot
Royal Q bot is available both Android & iOS. EazyBot no mobile app as at this time.
The annual fee is $120. The annual fee for novice costs $250, while it is $995 for VIP.
Royal Q supports most popular cryptocurrencies Limited cryptocurrencies available for trading.
Copy trading is available. Copy trading is not available.
It does not have a free soft software version. It has a free software version.

Why is Royal Q So Popular?

There are two ways users can make money using Royal Q. This includes crypto trading and making referrals (MLM).

But much of the reason why Royal Q is popular is due to its multi-level marketing (MLM), which allows users to generate passive income by referring others to the platform.

Royal Q has four different levels of referrals. There are:

Level 1 (V1)

At this level, you’ll receive an instant commission of $30 on everyone referral you make. You will also receive a fraction of the commission on their trades.

To progress to the next stage, you must refer a minimum of three persons directly; then, your three referrals must make a total of 20 referrals into the network.

Level 2 (V2)

You will receive a direct referral bonus worth $40 and a 30% reward for your team’s efforts. You will also earn an extra $10 commission from every new member that gets referred by any member of your team.

At this level, you can earn as much as $100 daily. But it depends on the work rate of your team of referred networks.

Level 3 (V3)

This level gives you a $50 bonus on every direct referral, a 40% team reward, and a commission of $20 for new members registered on your downline.

You need a team of 100 members to attain this level, including five direct referrals and three V2 members. Depending on your team’s activity, you can earn as much as 200 to $1000 at this level.

Level 4 (V4)

You will receive a bonus of $60 for every direct referral, a 50% team reward, and an additional commission of $30 for every new member registered on your downline.

To achieve this level, you need a team of 300, including eight direct referrals and three V3 members. You can earn as much as 1000 to $3000 daily at this leave. But it still depends on how active your team is.

Level 5 (V5)

You will earn a commission of $65 for every direct referral, a 55% team reward, and an additional commission of $40 for every new member registered on your downline.

To achieve this level, you need a team of 800, including 12 direct referrals and three V4 members. You can earn as much as over $3000 without stress. But it still depends on your team’s activeness.

Level 6 (V6)

You will earn a commission of $70 for every direct referral, a 60% team reward, and an additional commission of $50 for every new member registered on your downline.

To achieve this level, you need a team of 1500, including 20 direct referrals and three V5 members. Depending on the activeness of your team, your passive income at this stage will be unimaginable.


Some of the advantages of Royal Q are:

  • It is easy to use for trading cryptocurrencies.
  • It automatically analyzes crypto charts in real-time.
  • Its AI algorithm is top-class.
  • It makes use of top-rated trading techniques.


Some of the disadvantages of Royal Q include:

  • The bot can have coding errors, which can affect the trading process.
  • Using Royal Q doesn’t guarantee instant profit.

How to Register and Activate Royal Q: Opening an account on Royal Q is very easy. The first step is to visit the Royal Q registration page.

When it loads, enter your email address and click “send verification code” to receive the code sent to your email box.

Once you receive the verification code, fill in the verification code, and choose your password. After you enter your password, you can now click the register button to register.

After registration, you will need to activate the Royal Q app before you can start trading. To activate the app, click on ‘Mine’ at the bottom right corner of the app.

Then, click on ‘Asset.’ You’ll find icons such as “deposit,” “withdraw,” and “transfer.” Tap “deposit” to copy your Royal Q account wallet address.

Make a transfer of 140USDT to the wallet address and click “activate” to activate your account.


Is Royal Q an MLM company?

Royal Q has an MLM Referral program that allows users to refer other people into the network and then earn bonuses and commissions.

Is Royal Q legitimate?

Royal Q is not a scam. There are some bad testimonies about the platform, but there is also evidence of real users who are making a profit with the help of the tool, which proves its legitimacy.

How much is Royal Q registration?

It is completely free to register on Royal Q. However, you will need to activate your account to start trading, and the cost of activating your account is 140USDT.


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