Hello, my friends, welcome back to my youtube channel. My name is bright david in today's video. I am going to be discussing this topic today, how you can earn 500 per day using these most profitable trade settings. So if you are in Royal Q, then you are in luck today, when you are watching this video, i believe you are looking for a way to set up your Royal Q and make a most profit out of whatever um. You know capital trading that you have left, so i will then you know talk through the whole process, how to set everything up and the possibility of you earning at least 500 per day with this trade settings.

Okay, so i will jump right in into my work that i have prepared, so this is royal cue, most profitable settings for quantitative setup. Again, there are two settings or strategies in RoyalQ, so they have um [, Music, ], quantitative setting and they have synchronization settings. So synchronization is the one that you follow. A professional trader: okay and the professional trader. Does all the coin selection for you?

You don't need to select any coin. You only need to tell the professional trader how much you are going to use for your first buying and your margin call limit. Okay. So again, your margin call limit is determined by the professional trader if you are using synchronization strategy. But this video is for quantitative setup right, it's for quantitative setup and it is suitable for investors with large or small trading capital which can make you up to 500 per day.

Okay. So i will. I will talk you through how to do this so first off when you are in royal cue, if you're already registered in Royal Q, you will know what i'm talking about. You want to set up if you haven't registered in RoyalQ yet then there is a link down below this video for you to register. So let me quickly show you how to do that and if you go to my youtube channel, which is the one you're watching just now, click on any of the royal cue videos underneath the video right, which is the video description, click show more and then there Is a link for you to say sign up for RoyalQ, set up registration click on this link that will take you to the registration page and you will be able to sign up for Royal Q and start to make some money so royal queue.

Basically, let me quickly introduce reaction to you before i jump right into the settings, so rare q is a trading platform whereby a novice like me, like probably some people watching this video or someone with no experience at all, can use to trade crypto currencies and make A lot of profits from it, that is, the basic definition of rear q. The royal cue does all the trading for you once it is properly set up, which is the reason why i'm shooting this video to show you how to do your trade setup once it is set up. The royal cue, artificial intelligence bot does all the trading for you on autopilot. What does that mean? Autopilot means you don't touch anything.

The robot will go into the market analyze the market make decision based on you, know, profit settings that you have set up and then it will initiate and execute that trade and return profit to you simple, as that say simple, as that, there's nothing other than that. That is what Royal Q does so it makes money for me and i believe it's going to make money for you as well. So let me jump right into my settings. Um discussion today so again suitable for small and you know a large capital. If you use these settings so first off when you go into your settings, what you get is this: i don't want to talk you through how to go into your settings.

If you are watching this video, you know how to get into a setting. If you sign up with me, you already know how to go into your settings, because i have already taught you that i made several videos for that. So suppose you want to use your first buying amount, set it up as 10 10 usd which is 10, and then you set your margin code to 19 19 margin call limit and then your whole position take profit ratio should be 1.1 percent and then your whole Position take profit, callback should be zero percent. So i will explain how this means and i'll explain what that means to you.

Okay and then the buy-in callback is 0.2. You take it down to 0.2 and then the distributed and take profit allocation. I'M going to show you how to do this later on and then the subposition take profit.

Callback is zero. Again. I will explain that so this is just your basic settings for for you to earn up to 500 per day. I will explain how you are going to end that so don't panic. Yet don't panic don't say, oh, how am i supposed to make 500 per day with a 10 usd?

I will explain that and i will prove it to you so stay on with me on this video and you will see what i mean. So this is your basic setting. So let's go into detail: okay, once you go into detail once you've set it up. This is how it's going to look like right when you go into your trade settings. This is how it's going to look like.

So when you go, let's go deeper into the merging configuration, because that is where the magic is right. This is where you're going to make your 500 per day that i talked about this margin configuration. So let's go into that settings right and i will explain how that is going to happen to you. So let me scroll down, so this is it. This is the margin configuration, so you want to do your first call right to be one percent, and then you want to do 0.

times. So if you set up your margin, call limit to be 19 time right this knight in time you need to be able to reconfigure the margin configuration okay, so you reset it, which is what i have done here. Okay, so you reset it to 0
5 0.5, which is the first two calls, and then the third and the fourth chord again reduce it to 0.5, and then the fifth chord is one up until when it gets to 19 according to what we have here, 19 time.

Okay. So now, let's put this into perspective right. Let'S put this into perspective, so what we are saying here, yeah. What we are saying here is, i have made one scenario here so one pair of coin scenario, for example. If you are, if you want to trade on one pair of coin right, so this settings is suitable for somebody that has got a capital of 180 us dollars, which is 180 usdt.

Okay. So if you are doing your first buying amount to be 10 usdt and you want to multiply it by 19 time right. So if you want to multiply by 19 time, that is the the best um matching call limit, it can go when the market goes deep. So it can buy one pair of coins 19 times. That'S what that means.

Okay, plus your first buying amount. So all together everything you are buying, you know when the robots, when they when they bought calls to this limit, is going to be 20 times. So, let's break this down again using my scenario here: okay, so the reason why that has come to 17 margin call limit is because this is 0.5, and this is 0.5 for 0.

5 plus 0.5, that's one call and then another 0.5 to 0.5. That is just one time call and then one time call according to your ten dollar, should bring you up to 170 plus, remember, plus your first call, which is your first buying amount, plus this first buying amount.

Okay, so you always consider this facebook amount when you are doing your magic calling me this is very important, very, very important for you to do that. So once you do that. That means that if you have 180, you can trade only one pair of coin right with this settings and you are making you are going to be making a lot of profit from that from just one coin. Now, let's consider five pair of coins right. So if you want to trade using the same settings using the same, this merging configuration plus this settings that you have here – 10 usd right, 10, usdt and then knight in time, and then you set all this position.

Take a ratio, profit, take ratio and all that set up all these the way it is now right and then you want to do five pair of coins. So if you have a trading capital of 9000, for example, this is just an example right and above remember, i said initially from my topic here. I said this is for most profitable trading trade settings. Okay. So if we do that and on top of my topic here, i said large or small trading capital right, so the small trading capital is a 180 and then the large one is the 9000 one.

So the same settings using five pair of coins, so your first pair of coin, which is your first call – you can do your first pair of coin to be hundred right. So you have nine hours and remember so. You set your first buying amount, so this first buying a month that is 10 there. It'S no longer going to be 10, it's going to be 100 for somebody that has got 9 000 right for somebody that has got 9 000 trading capital. So when you do the first one that will be 100 multiplied by 17 margin, cost remember: 0.

. 0.
5 right so zero point, five, zero point: four! That'S one and another: zero point: five, zero point: that's two plus you know um the other ones that are left so, which is about seventeen, okay, so uh and then and then, when you multiply that that is going to give you 1700 remember. This hundred is plus your first buying amount.

Remember this first buying amount there. Okay, remember you change that to from 10 to 100 for a trading capital of 9 000. Remember so, don't forget that this calculation is for one pair of coin. So if you repeat that five times that is gon na give you five multiplied by 1800 and it's gon na give you nine thousand right. So nine thousand is your capital for this scenario of five pairs of points at 100 usdt, your first buying amount, okay, so that first pair of coin, you know covers 1800.

Covers 17 margin calls. So what you need to do, then, is you repeat that five times to give you the five pair of coins right, so that will give you that amount which is equal to your capital, so the robots can trade with you, 9 000, every single time on autopilot 100, autopilot this is set and forget, and just keep making profit every single day right once you do that, you will comfortably trade these pairs of coins and make great profits, and you can make up to 500 per day. So yeah here is how to make the 500 per day if it performs one trade at 1.1 percent. So let's go back.

I like to be practical, so this is whole position. Take profit ratio 1.1. Remember so each time it does the trade and makes profit is going to take 1.1 percent okay.

So let's go back to my calculation here, 1.1 percent multiplied by 100, so this 100 is one pair of four coin. That is going to give you one dollar. One cent, so if this robot yeah, if this bot, if it does five trades in a day, it's gon na give you you know: 1

1, which is 1.1 yeah yeah dollars multiply by five.

That is going to give you 5.5 profit, that's right. So if eventually, this bought those hundred trades in a day, that's going to give you 50

So if you multiply that 5.5 by 100, it's going to give you 50
And i know that this robot can do up to 30 to 40 trades in the day right, if you are in RoyalQ, you know what i'm talking about it does up to 30 to 40, even more, depending on your profits. Yeah, sorry, depending on your capital, that you have and how many imagine calling me that it does in a day, so this is powerful.

This setting is powerful, so i was going to talk you through as well the distributed and take profit this the the 5, the 19 sub domain. So, as you see from there right, our initial setup says it's night in time. So that is the same thing that the sub position is going to be as well, so it's going to be distributed and take profit when it is 1.1 percent. So that is one two three and it goes down up to deep level as to 19.

According to how we set it up here, because it was set up for margin, calling me to be 19 right, so the subposition is supposed to be the same, so all that profit will be distributed along each deep er matching call limit that it does so. This is powerful. This is really really powerful for those of you that are in reactive already. This will make you rich if you get your setup right and you can be earning up to 500 per day. So thank you very much for watching this video.

I will keep producing such videos and in the next few days, next few weeks and months to come, to help people out there to understand how you do your settings to get the most profit that you needed based on your capital. So remember. This is based off your capital, so 180 usdt and 9000 usdt. These are the two scenarios that i use to describe and show you how to to get this profit. So, thank you if you haven't signed up for royal cue, yet, as i mentioned before, go to my youtube channel click on any royal cue video go underneath the video and then you will see you know on the description.

You will see the link, click on the link and then sign up, and i welcome you to my team. Remember when you have signed up remember to contact me on facebook – and this is how you contact me on facebook right go to my youtube channel and then you will see the facebook icon on your left. Alright, sorry, on your right hand, side there right, on your right hand, side click on it and contact me on facebook when you have registered okay, so i can help you to finish up everything if you cannot finish up everything, but my sign up link has you Know, videos and instruction and everything that will help you to set up everything without my intervention right, but i understand that some people we need some help, so that is where i come in, and that is why i have my group and then i help them. You know when you register, i i add it to my group and then i can help you if you need help, if you don't need help, that's fine. I have you, know few more people in my group.

That does not need help and they are doing really really well because they understand how it works. So thank you for watching this video. Remember, if you like this video, if you know it's off any value to you at all, if the content is good for you, please, like share and subscribe to my youtube channel, don't forget to hit the bell button. So when i upload a new video, you will get notified of my new videos. Thank you and i will see you in my next video.