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RoyalQ or Royal Q Robot is The World’s First 100% Crypto Quantitative Trading Bot! Based on AI.

A floating loss is a loss that is realized when an open trade or position is showing a loss, but has not yet been closed. In other words, it is the difference between the current market value of a trade and the price at which it was opened.

If you are using the Royal Q Robot for trading and you incur a floating loss, it means that you have an open trade or position that is currently showing a loss, but has not yet been closed. This loss will only be realized once the trade is closed, either manually or when a predetermined stop loss level is reached.

It is not uncommon for traders to incur floating losses as part of their normal trading activities, as the value of financial instruments can fluctuate over time. It is important to carefully manage your risk and consider factors such as stop loss levels to minimize the potential for significant losses.

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