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RoyalQ or Royal Q Robot is The World’s First 100% Crypto Quantitative Trading Bot! Based on AI.

Whole Warehouse Mode Tutorial

Whole Warehouse Mode Tutorial

Whole Warehouse mode. This particular strategy mode is designed to help you buy in when the market falls, effectively lowering your average price. Not only that, but it also doubles the amount from your last purchase. Once the market price reaches your desired take profit ratio, the system will automatically sell all of your cryptos. Exciting, right?

Open your Royal Q app to explore the world of trading with ease. If you’re new to trading settings, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our how-to-start-your-manual-quantitative-strategy tutorial is a great resource for beginners. Royal Q offers three different strategy modes, and in this article, we will focus on the first mode – Whole Warehouse mode. To get started, simply tap on the “quantitative” option at the bottom of your home page, select the crypto you’re interested in, and then you can customize your trade settings. Remember to set your preferred whole position take profit ratio and take profit callback. Once you’ve completed the setup, save your changes and select the Whole Warehouse mode. Ready to begin your new trading strategy? Tap start, confirm your settings, and get ready to make some smart moves in the market.

Whole Warehouse Mode Tutorial

Introduction to Whole Warehouse Mode

Whole Warehouse Mode is a strategy mode offered by the Royal Q app that allows you to buy in when the market falls and double the amount from your last purchase. The purpose of Whole Warehouse Mode is to bring down your average price and automatically sell all of your cryptocurrencies once the market price reaches the take profit ratio.

Accessing Trading Settings

To access the trading settings in the Royal Q app, start by opening the app and navigating to the home page. At the bottom of the home page, you will find the “Quantitative” option. Tap on it to proceed to the trading settings.

Selecting Preferred Cryptocurrency

Before starting the Whole Warehouse Mode, it’s essential to choose the cryptocurrency you want to trade. On the trading settings page, you can select your preferred cryptocurrency by tapping on the appropriate option. It’s crucial to choose the right cryptocurrency to ensure optimal trading results.

Setting Whole Position Take Profit Ratio

Setting the whole position take profit ratio is an important step in configuring Whole Warehouse Mode. On the trade settings page, you will find the option to set the whole position take profit ratio. Determine the desired ratio based on your trading strategy and input it accordingly.

Setting Whole Position Take Profit Callback

In addition to setting the whole position take profit ratio, it’s essential to configure the take profit callback. This callback is triggered after the system reaches the defined ratio. Configure the callback to ensure that your trades are executed effectively and in line with your trading preferences.

Saving Trade Settings

Once you have finalized the configuration of your trade settings, it’s important to save them to ensure they are applied correctly. Locate the “Save” option at the top right corner of the page and tap on it to save your trade settings. This step is crucial for maintaining consistency in your trading strategy.

Selecting Whole Warehouse Mode

After saving your trade settings, navigate to the strategy mode option in the app. Explore the available strategy modes and select the “Whole Warehouse Mode” option. This mode is specifically designed to support the trading strategy outlined earlier, which focuses on buying in during market falls.

Confirming Whole Warehouse Mode

To confirm your selection of the Whole Warehouse Mode, tap on the “Confirm” option. This step ensures that the app recognizes your choice and applies the correct settings for the selected strategy mode. Confirming your selection is vital for the app to initiate the desired trading approach.

Starting the Strategy

Once you have confirmed the Whole Warehouse Mode, tap on the “Start” button located in the lower right corner of the app. This step initiates the new strategy and allows the app to execute trades according to the defined criteria. Starting the strategy is an exciting moment as you set your trading plan into motion.

Confirming the Strategy

Finally, it’s essential to confirm the strategy to ensure it has been initialized successfully. By tapping on the “Confirm” option, you’ll receive confirmation that your strategy is in place and ready to be executed. This final step provides reassurance that your trading approach is set up correctly.

By following these steps and configuring the Whole Warehouse Mode, you can take advantage of market falls, bring down your average price, and sell your cryptocurrencies at the right moment. The Royal Q app’s Whole Warehouse Mode offers a comprehensive solution for traders looking to optimize their trading strategies and maximize their returns. Happy trading!


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