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RoyalQ or Royal Q Robot is The World’s First 100% Crypto Quantitative Trading Bot! Based on AI.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Royal Q Trading Bot

There is an increasing rate of newly launched crypto trading bots, many of which can’t be easily trusted. After thorough research and fieldwork, this article reveals real reasons you shouldn’t sleep on the Royal Q trading bot as a crypto trader.

I remember when Warren Buffett, an American business tycoon, emphatically told his shareholders that he only invested in “simple businesses.” He averred that things would get complicated to us “if there’s lots of technology.”

That was about eight years ago and was, to a great extent, considered a golden rule of thumb because it underscores the maxim: Whatever you want to trade: know how it works.

In recent years, cryptocurrency trading has evolved into one of the top lucrative ventures in the world, with many people partaking in decentralized finance. With just a look at how much bitcoin has risen in price over the last ten years, it’s very easy to buy into the exciting financial wave.

However, you’ll agree that the crypto market, and trading practice in itself, is not as rosy as it appears. There are numerous challenges for those who try to trade manually (buying crypto assets when it plummets and then selling at a higher price – manually).

Meanwhile, Cryptocurrency trading bots came into the picture as an innovative way to thrive in investing as the Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool monitors the market and makes trading decisions on behalf of traders with near-to-zero risk.

But, with the increasing rates of newly launched crypto trading bots, many investors wonder whether or not using a crypto trading bot is worth it. An example of these crypto trading bots which seem to be among those at the forefront is the Royal Q trading robot.

Having done a thorough review of the Royal Q trading bot app, this article has been developed to show you real reasons why I think the software is worth considering. Among other benefits, the factors that make Royal Q worth considering for investors looking to maximize their profits off trading crypto assets include:

  • Helps in risk management
  • Saves time
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable when compared to other crypto trading bots
  • Multiple opportunities to earn apart from trading
  • Credible profile and legality
  • Verifiable testimonies from benefiting users
  • Others

An in-depth explanation of these points would be given right away. But, before then, we must take a broader look at the impact of crypto bots in today’s market and how the innovation is charting a new course to effortless trading for investors who choose to leverage it.

The role of Bots in crypto trading

The role of Bots in crypto trading

The emergence of bot technology, which we can also call machine learning or AI, has stretched its tentacles into multiple industries, including cryptocurrency trading.

With crypto trading bots, we can execute trades automatically when the specific conditions are met and after scrutinizing crucial factors such as volatility levels and current prices.

Crypto trading bots are an opportunity to make money without burning the candle at both ends, especially for beginners. This is because it gives you more time to focus on other things in life while the robot trades on your behalf to maximize…

…as long as traders can set specific parameters of what kind of trading strategies these bots will use and how often they’ll trade.

With this understanding, I’ve broadly grouped the roles of bots in crypto trading into three facets which are:

  1. Apt monitoring and reaction to the market volatility
  2. Executing calculated risk-taking during trading
  3. Cushioning the effects of hard forks or discontinuation.

It is a hideous activity to be on the watch in the notoriously volatile crypto market, not to mention if you aren’t a core enthusiast. So, in situations where the value instantly drops or skyrockets, crypto bots are integrated to make a brilliant reaction to these trajectories and profit.

However, cryptocurrency trading bots aren’t for everyone.

It is not a get-rich-instantly thing. If you aren’t ready to spend a significant amount of time setting up specific trading parameters for these bots, this may not be ideal for you.

In the same vein, there is even some risk associated with using automated tools like trading bots, especially around safety.

This is why I spent enough time looking into selected recommended crypto trading bots and have written this article to beam the focus light on Royal Q, and why many investors are presently using the automated tool.

What is Royal Q, and how does it work?

Royal q crypto trading bot

Royal Q trading bot is an automated AI software that works by scanning the current market for digital currencies after integrating the user account on a given exchange platform.

The information derived from monitoring the market is used to determine the most favorable time to execute buying or selling value. In other words, Royal Q, when deployed, has total control over the trading process as you won’t have to bother about making mistakes or entering/exiting a trade at the wrong time.

The computer-based program analyzes the market trends and executes the trade based on predefined parameters set by the user under ‘trade settings’ on the App, thereby eradicating mistakes spurred by emotion, sentiment, or pressure, resulting in huge losses.

The AI tool, at the moment, can be integrated with two of the world’s largest exchanges: Binance or Huobi exchange.

So, users will have to first download the App from either the Apple store or Google play store as the case may be, set up an account with Royal Q, then log into Binance/Huobi account to connect the Royal Q app with the account’s API keys to start trading with the App.

In a previous post, I mentioned that Royal Q was built with the idea of eliminating the psychological factor that lurks around trading, which influences our decision-making in the crypto exchange.

But in addition to this, the Chinese-owned digital tool also gives users another way to earn through the unique Referral marketing plan or multi-level marketing (MLM), where users are being paid commission and extra bonuses for referring others into the network. It consists of 4 levels and has been better explained in a recent post.

With this, you might be wondering whether or not the App is worth considering. Here are my findings on why it is a good and safe opportunity to take advantage of crypto traders.

The 7 reasons why you should consider Royal Q trading bot

Earlier on, I highlighted some of the advantages of using the Royal Q trading bot, which points at its edge over other similar bots. At the end of going through the following analysis, I’ll leave you to be the judge on whether or not the AI tool is something worth investing in.

1. Helps in risk management

This is coming first because taking a profit-oriented risk is the lifeblood of crypto market success. Royal Q trading bots allow you to set up parameters or orders for your trades such that when one falls through, the bot cancels all other charges and stops trading.

With this, you’re able to reduce the risk of wiping your entire account balance due to sequential bad trades. This means that Royal Q is beneficial, especially if you don’t have the time to monitor prices round the clock actively.

On a broader outlook, the benefit of risk management is that you place yourself on the good side of situations such as market crashes or dips.

Again, since the emotional element is removed from investing and trade execution, Royal Q allows you to focus on investment goals and decisions instead of the hideous fundamentals better.

2. Saves time

In as much as you can mine, trade, and invest cryptocurrency anywhere and anytime, you must have realized that it’s the more or less 24-hour gig.

In a recent post where we talked about the profitability level of the Royal Q app, we discussed how users could set up strategies based on previous market data or choose the most popular ones available online, which other users have tested.

This saves time and reduces stress because you won’t be exhausting time and energy constantly monitoring prices every 10 minutes and staying on top of recent market updates by studying graphs and charts.

With Royal Q integrated with your Binance account, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of time you spend observing and analyzing trends in the market since the artificial intelligence behind the bot takes on the job.

3. Royal Q app is easy to use

Unlike other Crypto trading bots, you don’t need any prior programming knowledge before you can amass a fortune with the Royal Q trading bot.

I have explained how you can easily set up an account and navigate the AI tool as a newbie HERE. You will realize that all you need is to choose the coin you want the robot to trade with, configure your desired entry/exit conditions, and then set up the frequency at which these strategies would be placed.

The Royal Q app makes it easy to set the parameters for your trade as you’ll be able to specify precisely when and how much you want the bot to trade.

Another hedge it has over some similar bots is that pre-programmed trading strategies offer better convenience to users as an advanced option.

4. It is affordable compared to other crypto trading bots

With the value offered, it is only fair that users pay a certain fee to use crypto trading bots. But some of these AI tools can be pretty pricey, making it difficult for potential users to consider using them or even trust them in the first place.

It appears that the developers behind Royal Q are aware of this, and that is why they’ve made it relatively affordable to target new users who are trying to navigate their way into the crypto market proper with a yearly subscription fee of just $120 and at least $20 for trading gas fees.

As you trade to make profits, gas fees will be collected from the $20. So, overall, a total of $140 is enough as capital to setup up the robot for trading.

Bear in mind that $50 or $100 or above is required to be kept in your Binance spot USDT wallet for trading. Thus,  you make more profit daily per the level of your trading capital.

Note that your money remains in your Binance account, so you are still in absolute control of your funds at any time.

Comparing this fee with the profitability, you can make a trading profit of 0.1% – 10% per day and 3% to 300% per month. On other market days, about 2% to 5% per day can be realized depending on the chosen algorithm of particular trade assets.

This is very affordable, in contrast with the average fees of using most crypto trading bots which range from $19 to $299 per month and do not offer as much value as Royal Q.

5. Multiple opportunities to earn apart from trading

This is another unique offering that Royal Q has for its users outside the spectacles of crypto trading. It is called the referral networking plan (Multi-level-marketing – MLM).

Many users have taken advantage of this opportunity as a leap in the right direction towards turning their crypto trading experience around.

The MLM Referral program allows users to refer people into the Royal Q network and then earn commission and other bonuses for that. These rewards expand as your referral network expands, as well. The scheme consists of 4 levels, as illustrated in the diagram below:


Know more about this HERE

6. Credible profile and legality

Royal Q was officially launched in 2017, which was a landmark year for Bitcoin as it peaked near $20,000 at the time.

The Company was developed in China and owned by a Chinese company. It is under the Royal Quantify Investment Co. Ltd., Registered in California, USA, and headquartered in Singapore.

The AI software was limited to Asia as only traders in countries like China, India, etc., could use it. However, the trading bot app became popular about a year ago due to its reliability and genuineness.

The computer-based program features 24/7 customer support to assist users. It is located at the “mine” section in the App.

With the experience from using the software, one can conclude that the Royal Q trading bot is very safe.

7. Verifiable testimonies from benefiting users

Before putting money into a product, you must know what others are saying about the tool. There are so many crypto trading bots available to traders out there, with their respective tons of reviews – both negative and positive.

There are many testimonies and reviews about the Royal Q app, especially on popular online crypto forums, on how users benefit from the tool. A look at Youtube with the hashtag #royalq will show you how much users of this software are not hesitant to spread the good news.

It is also good that those who have misgiving about the App also go online to share their experience and perspective. It adds to the software’s credibility and provides a good source for investors to observe their due diligence before venturing into crypto trading bots.

Are there downsides to using Royal Q crypto bots?

The thought that crypto trading bots do not go without a downside has made many investors resort to testing trading parameters and methodology with a small amount of money before putting in more enormous sums in live trading.

And that’s smart; who doesn’t?

In the case of Royal Q, it has been built to handle unusual market conditions well, which reduces the chances of you having to intervene manually. Notwithstanding, some ‘cons’ you should take note of as you venture into Royal Q are:

It doesn’t bind with all Cryptocurrencies.

As mentioned earlier, Royal Q usually only works with a limited number of digital exchanges, Binance and Huobi. But since these two are among the most prominent businesses, it is not seen as a significant setback.

However, it won’t be possible to invest with the automated tool if these two exchanges do not support the currency you are interested in.

Hence, before using Royal Q, the first thing to consider is what type of currency you want to invest in.

Not a get-rich-instantly scheme

On second thought, this shouldn’t even be listed as a drawback.

As opposed to some views about Royal Q, the results from trading with the bots are not entirely predictable. Thus, it shouldn’t be considered as a get-rich-instantly thing.

Of course, you’ll be able to choose the parameters for your trade, but absolute certainty remains a far-fetched scope as long as cryptocurrency is concerned. On the brighter side, unlike some bots, Royal Q offers strategies that have stood the test of time and can be trusted in terms of profitability when the market is in the right conditions.

Setting Parameters

The issue of setting parameters and how time-consuming it can be applies to all crypto trading bots, and royal q is not exempted.

After you successfully bind the tool with your API keys, there are many different parameters (trading options as indicated in the App)that need to be set and monitored, such as the first buy-in amount, Open position Double, Margin call limit, Buy in the callback, among others.

But, there is an alternative to get a suggested strategy at the bottom of the page where you have these settings options on the App. Nevertheless, it may seem like a lot of work to set, control and monitor them.

Investing in cryptocurrency with bots – My two cents’ worth

how to invest in cryptocurrency using trading bots

For one thing, you must do your due diligence and research before buying into any crypto bot.

With this understanding, I have taken much time in examining the good sides and the limitations that come with the bot in discussion – Royal Q.

Again, reviews and articles like this can help channel your thoughts towards wise decision-making. But opinions mustn’t be forced on you because many fellow writers/reviewers write to receive proceeds when you sign up.

How do I mean? First, you want to ensure that the bot being considered meets your needs. While some are rooting for trading bots for long-term investments, others are looking to maximize profits with less effort.

So, consider whether you prefer short-term trading or long-term investment, the amount of time you intend to spend trading,  and the value of money you are willing to invest in procuring cryptocurrencies.


Cryptocurrency trading is rapidly becoming the ultra medium of amassing a fortune, and new technologies like crypto bots have surfaced in recent years to accelerate the development.

Royal Q is an example of these automated tools that offer traders an opportunity to stay afloat on the industry trends and make the right trading decisions without going through too much stress.

I hope this post has helped you make more informed decisions regarding choosing Royal Q as crypto trading bots to automate your investments.

Want to get started? You can download the Royal Q app online, use the Sign-up link here, and activate log-in details first, so you don’t download a look-alike app!

Please note that this article shouldn’t be considered financial advice, and you should always do your due diligence before investing in anything. The above article is based on my experience and opinions gained from trading with and without Royal Q and after thorough research on these subjects.


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